Friday, 14 February 2020

ADL MMCs on 99

In my previous post, I reported on the departure of 15331 and 15332 to East Kent. What I didn't report on was what could be filling in the gaps on the Wave 99 as the route will never be fully Scania MMC again. The answer would be anything but the most dominant bus type stepping in is the ADL MMCs. 

These buses offer the same luxuries like the remaining Scania MMCs they run alongside like high backed seats, free WiFi and USB charging points but what lets them down is that they're unreliable and unsuitable for the route. The replacements for 15331 and 15332 are ADL MMCs 10703 and 10704 so it's very likely they could be on the 99 quite a bit despite being unbranded. Another regular visitor to the route is Wave branded 10725 which has been doing the route quite a bit for the past few weeks.

10703 SN66 VVP is one of the replacements for 15331 and 15332 here it is working the Wave 99

10704 SN66 VVR picks up for a 99 service to Hastings

Could the 99 be this buses main route now? It seems like it is given how many appearances it's had on it recently 10725 SN66 VWR is seen on the route this is the Wave branded ADL MMC which does it the most
The good news is that the weather was in my favour today as when all the ADL MMCs came in, it was cloudy which meant the sun wouldn't have ruined the photos. I was also in a rush to get into position to photograph both of them but was able to get the shots in the end. Finally, it also took me under a week to photograph both 10703 and 10704 unlike 10725 which took me over 3 years to snap.

Monday, 10 February 2020

The latest reshuffle

It wasn't until this afternoon until I had discovered that there was another reshuffle in the South East division over the weekend losses and gains were performed and 3 of the buses involved were Scania MMCs 15331 and 15332 along with ADL E300 27582. 15331 and 15332 were debranded from the Wave 99 ahead of their transfer to East Kent whilst 27582 made a journey slightly further along the coast.

The only bus that I'm probably still going to see out of this trio would be 27582 as that's still reachable for me whereas 15331/2 aren't. Here are 2 photos of each of the buses that transferred away elsewhere.

15331: This was they very first Scania MMC I had rode on its first day in service over a few years ago here it is branded and unbranded.

15331 working a short working of the 99 because of a late working when it was branded 

Here is 15331 on the 99 with no branding not long before its transfer
 15332: This was also a lovely Scania MMC and it didn't disappoint here it is branded and unbranded.
Scania MMC 15332 on the Wave 99 when it was branded for the route

Unbranded 15332 working the 98 
 27582: This was a really noisy E300 with me riding it many times when it was in the area here is 27582 in a few photos.
ADL E300 27582 works a Anti-Clockwise Loop a few weeks before transferring away

27582 works the 1A with a Scania E400 on the 1 behind
27582 was a shock but was expecting 15331/2 to leave though all 3 buses will be missed to bits.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Wave 99 2nd year anniversary of entry into service

It's been 2 years since the upgraded fleet of Wave 99 Scania MMCs entered service between EB and HS. 2 years of posh buses on the Wave 99 and I still remember the very first day they entered service back in January 2018 as I remember sampling 2 of them on the first proper day.

This post features photos of some of the Scania MMCs I photographed over the past few weeks in the run up to the 2nd year anniversary. 

EBs duo 15330 and 15329 are the first photos that will be featured HS ones will follow.

15330 is seen loading as it takes up another Wave to Hastings

15329 is seen in the town centre working an outbound journey
HS have the highest allocation of Scania MMCs out of the 2 garages as they do 10 workings compared to EB with its 2.
15332 works a shortened version of the route to Hastings rail station

15333 is also seen on the same working as the working 15332 was on it was only going to Hastings rail station 

Here is 15334 doing the full route here it loads

15338 is seen in wet conditions as it picks up for its outward journey
Hopefully these buses will last for many more years on the route.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

The Departure of one really good bus

It always upsets me when I have to do a tribute to a bus I really like but have to in this case. I was informed via Facebook Messenger earlier that E300 27573 has gone a little bit further East along the Coast to Hastings to be reunited with 27571/2. Its replacement is a pile of junk which is not good at all. 

It's now a very slim chance that I will see this E300 down this way as they normally do the 304/254 from Hastings to Tunbridge Wells here is my little tribute to such a good bus. But anything can happen and there will be rare workings.

27573 is seen in Cornfield Road sometime late last year 
 27573 sometimes worked the 51 here it having just terminated in Eastbourne Town Centre
27573 is seen having just finished working route 51
 Like all E300s that have operated in the area, 27573 spent most of its time on the 1/1A services the route it was new to 11 years ago.
27573 works route 1 in Eastbourne Town Centre

My final photo of 27573 was taken on New Years Eve a week before I knew of its transfer
It's not all doom and gloom as they're still running GX58s in Eastbourne just not as many as they used to 27573 will be missed loads.

Friday, 3 January 2020

2019 highlights

What a year it has been for the buses loans and new arrivals transferred in as well as trips out too. 2019 was the year the Tridents were brought back, route number changes, rare workings, loans, the Santa Bus and so much more all took place last year here are a selection of photos from the year.

Tridents were brought back in the last few months of 2019 as demonstrated by 18161 GX54 DVB a few days after Christmas.

18161 was 1 of 3 Tridents that reinstated Trident operation works the 1A

I also went on a trip to Brighton in July 2019 and was lucky enough to snap Pulse branded E300 27677 GX60 PDU on the 17 normally worked by unbranded E300s.
Bringing a Pulse to Brighton E300 27677 works the 17
 August 2019 saw me go to Hastings to sample their open top service Trident 18477 LX55 ESF took me on the whole of route 66.
Open Top Trident ALX400 18477 was my ride on route 66 in Hastings in August 2019
 February 2019 saw the 9 day Brighton line blockade. All of the E300s at the time were sent to do the rail replacement resulting in loans being brought in to cover normal services which mainly were Scanias.
Scania 15438 KX08 KZH was brought in to cover normal services whilst E300s were on rail replacement in February 2019

Scania 15475 GN09 AZP was also a loan here it is working the 1A
 E300s 27571/2 left back in 2018 and can rarely be found in the area 27572 was working the Wave 99 in summer 2019.
E300 27572 GX58 GKC works the Wave 99 in Summer 2019
 I tried to keep my distance away from rail replacement because of bullying but at the end of May 2019, I went to see some and saw Scania 6958 belonging to MetroBus.
Scania 6958 is seen in Eastbourne station in May 2019
 There was a massive timetable change in September 2019 which saw the 56 changed to the 6 here is E300 27578 GX58 GKK on the route. This was one of the loan buses that were brought in back in February 2019 only to find itself working in EB for the long term in July 2019.
E300 27578 works route 6
 Brighton and Hove sometimes have their Beach Bus 489 BJ63 UJT and South Downs Bus 490 (BJ63 UJU) on the Coaster.
Volvo 489 BJ63 UJT works the 12X

490 BJ63 UJU departs from one of the new bus shelters
 Finally, December 2019 saw the Santa Bus return this time it was E300 27579 GX58 GKL and I managed 2 rides on it too. 
December 2019 saw the return of the Santa Bus E300 27579 was decorated and is seen working the Loop

Saturday, 21 December 2019

The Santa Bus campaign

Every year, Stagecoach in Eastbourne do a Santa Bus complete with decorations and a driver dressed up as Santa to raise money for charity. In it's 5th year, it is even better with more decorations, special blinds and a singing reindeer on its cab door which is really funny. The campaign is to raise money for children's charity You Raise Me Up a good cause which helps sick children and their families. The chosen bus for this year is ADL E300 27579 GX58 GKL which has also been treated to a fresh respray which it really needed.

Some of the decorations in statistics:
1200 lights inside the bus
50 teddy bears
A real Christmas Tree 
It took the driver 5 - 5.5 hours to decorate 27579

Santa has been doing the rounds on selected local routes The Loop, 1, 1A, 3 and 4 and here are my selection of photos from the past week.

I'm going to start with E300 27579 showing a Santa Bus screen and working route 3.
This is the first year the Santa Bus has displayed Santa Bus on the blind fully as demonstrated by E300 27579 GX58 GKL

Santa working route 3 after dropping off in South Street in Eastbourne Town Centre he even waited to go until I took some photos.
 27579 even spent a few days on the Loop working the Anti-Clockwise one day and the Clockwise the next day. Also included is an interior shot of my 4th Santa Bus ride taken from the back of 27579
The 2019 Santa Bus E300 27579 GX58 GKL is seen on the Anti-Clockwise Loop 

Inside decorated E300 27579 
 Santa is spending most of his time driving the 1/1A services here he is working route 1 in Eastbourne Town Centre.
Santa Bus 27579 is seen working route 1 
27579 is the 3rd E300 to be decorated in all the years of the Santa Bus joining Scania E300 28609 GN61 EVP back in 2016 and ADL E300 27574 GX58 GKE back in 2018. Hopefully he will raise loads of money for charity.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Trident returns

I didn't think I was going to say this but more Tridents have returned to the South Coast which was so unexpected and surprising. More possible YouTube recordings are on the horizon as they're a different type of bus to what I normally record as I mainly record E300s and Scanias. 

These Tridents that have joined the fleet are from the GX54 batch which they had 3 years ago but not these ones though. One carries a private XIL registration but was originally a GX54 the other 2 carry their original registration marks. The Tridents also carry flip dot screens which are easier to photograph than the normal orange LED screens as flip dot screens come out easier. 

The first example is 18160 it entered service with its screen not working or programmed so carried a paper route number on its first day it now has a working screen.

Trident 18160 with a paper route number as the screen wasn't working here it is on the 1A
 Now for 18161 which like 18160 also carries its original registration mark here it is working route 5.
Trident 18161 is seen on an odd working of route 5 it had replaced an E200 
 Finally onto 18163 this one has a private registration mark here it is working route 1.
18163 works route 1 
These are meant to be kept on town routes only but knowing what strange allocations there have been the past week, then they could go out further.