Monday, 15 July 2019

A couple of weeks of odd workings

Route branding fails and buses appearing on routes they're not allocated to are classed as odd workings. There has been quite a few odd workings in the past couple of weeks including Hastings Arrows E200s appearing on the 98, E200s on the Wave 99, E300s on the Wave 99, Loop buses on the 1/1A and Scania E300s on the 1X. Here are some of my photos showing some of these odd workings occur.

The batch of 12 plate Hastings Arrows E200s are normally found on Hastings locals but come to Eastbourne on the 98 and sometimes the Wave 99 here we have 36489 working the 98.

I had to stand in between traffic cones for this shot of Hastings Arrows E200 36489 on the 98 
 The Wave 99 also runs between Eastbourne and Hastings but is a quicker route than the 98 using Scania MMCs. However, in the last couple of weeks, there has been some Single-Decker appearances on the route 36899 and 27572 are both seen on the route.
E200 36899 is seen working the Wave 99 which normally uses Scania MMCs

A week earlier, E300 27572 also made an appearance on the Wave 99
 The Eastbourne Loop E400s aren't good buses and the pink front doesn't hide their many problems there has been a few Loop Buses off route recently appearing on their former route the 1/1A here is 19651 on the 1.
Normally found on the Eastbourne Loop is E400 19651 here it is working the 1 its former route
 One final rare working was the appearance of Scania E300 28610 on the 1X which normally uses E200s I took a few photos of this and was able to get the blind showing on the last one I took.
A really rare working was Scania E300 28610 working the usually E200 operated 1X the route needs a bigger bus sometimes
Hopefully there will be many more odd workings to come.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

The return of one really good bus

This particular bus first visited the area back in February this year along with 27577 and 27579 when E300s were away on rail replacement. However, it's now back on its own the one and only 27578 this E300 has a modified livery on the back with more blue and no white line on the front it takes its looks from the departed 27581 and Scania 28609. It joins other GX58 E300s 27573. 27574, 27575, 27576 and 27582 taking the ADL E300 total up to 6.

I had so many memories on this bus it was the very first bus I filmed when I started doing onboard YouTube videos and have been able to ride it a few times since its return. Here are a few photos of 27578s first couple of weeks back in service in its hometown.

This was my very first photo of 27578 upon its return here it is departing.

27578 is seen infront of an E200 as it works the 1 service which it spends most of its time on.

Here is 27578 seen working the 1 service again in Eastbourne Town Centre.
There will be plenty more photos of this bus to come it's nice for 27578 to be back where it belongs after being on the move the past few years.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Rail in Eastbourne

When rail works happen the buses come out to play that was the case last Sunday there were no trains out of Eastbourne so the buses replaced them. This particular one was very dominant with Brighton and Hove with most of the buses used being theirs. 

Here is my selection of photos from the afternoon all were photographed by me.

Volvo 472 "The Snowman" seen at the station you can see a Southern Transit Trident lurking in the background

Route 6 branded Gemini 407 is seen with the Rocking Horse behind

Gemini 410 is seen with another Route 6 Gemini behind it

Former Brighton and Hove Scania Omnicity 717 now with Metrobus on their 400 is seen with 472 behind

The Rockinghorse bus this is Gemini 438 seen in the Station 

Please excuse my finger a Brighton and Hove Gemini leads a Scania
This is my first time at a rail in a while because of bullying so was nice to see different buses.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Unexpected departures

I was heartbroken about some buses that I really like going. I was informed a few weeks back and was told to make the most of 27580-2 when I can I wasn't expecting them to go this soon. I was hoping more like the end of the month so I could enjoy them for that little bit longer and after 15450/1 and 15636 arrived I knew the 3 were the replacements for 27580-2. 

27581/2 got removed from service down here a few weeks back and 27580 clung on for that little bit longer until that left. They have transferred well away well and truly out off the South East but all the way to Scotland so many memories have been created on these buses and they will be missed here is some of my photos that I took.
What would be my last photo of 27580 the bus is seen leaving Langney it would be taken out of service and prepped for transfer 5 days later.

A week before sees 27580 arriving at Langney
Sadly, I was unable to capture 27581 on its last week here is my last photo of it awaiting its entry into Langney.

Back in the Summer of 2018, 27581 took a spin on the 5 a route which didn't see these running often on it.
 27580 and 27581:
One of my favourite photos sees 27580 and 27581 both on the 1 but going different ways.
27582 is seen arriving at Langney its screen refused to come out.

27582 this time is seen leaving Langney whilst on the 1 service.
It has been nice showing these buses in the good times and hopefully 27573/4/5/6 stay they appear to be as of this week.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Recent fleet additions

I was surprised at the end of last month when I saw a 2008 Scania E400 in Langney when I was coming in on the bus. I wondered why it was here I was like is this a loan or permanent transfer and found on fleet movements on socials that it was a permanent transfer.  That Scania came down with 2 other Scanias from Stagecoach West they were 15450 (MX08 GHV), 15451 (MX08 GHY) and 19636 (SF10 CCN).

The photos that I'm showing are the 3 Scanias in their first week in service on routes in Eastbourne. It is the first time a 10 plate Scania has been in service in Eastbourne whilst the 08 plates are not the first 08 plate Scanias in Eastbourne after a loan period back in February of KX08s from the Kent area of the division. 

Recent addition to the fleet 15451 MX08 GHY is seen leaving Langney my first ever photo featuring the transfers 

Sister 15450 MX08 GHV seen working the 5 service I haven't been on these 2 yet.

I will always remember my very first ride on this bus and I rode it at the start of this week and the driver was so happy they called it the happy bus here is 15636 SF10 CCN on the 1
I will look forward to the many rides I will have on this trio of Scanias.

Monday, 11 March 2019

Another new location for photos

It's always nice to change photo location when I can this is a bit further down than where I normally stand when I'm photographing in this area. This is a new place where I photograph Buses on the 1 and 1A it is also good most of the time when other traffic doesn't get in the way. I started using this location from the 25th of February and I've been very pleased with the results.

Buses featured are:

E300 27581 works the 1A in this location 

The next 1A 20 minutes after 27581 came Scania 28607

MMC Scania 15328 also works the 1A

Former Wave Bus 15771 works the 1 this was behind timetable

Scania 15773 also works the 1 

Still need to ride and film this Scania 15544 in that location

Still awaiting the paintshop is E300 27582 here it is on the 1

E300 27574 flys down the hill it was on the 1 but the blind didn't come out
I will hopefully be taking more photos in this location I just need to hope that the light is right.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Loans and more loans

It is very nice to see different buses from elsewhere on loan it has been the case this week as it's Brighton mainline closure all week which means buses are needed on the rail replacement services. Quite a few buses went to help out resulting in many loans being brought in from elsewhere to cover normal services. The loan Buses were provided from Thanet, Dover, Folkestone and Ashford in between them they provided E300s and Scania E400s. 

I was lucky enough to ride on some of them as well I went on E300s 27577 GX58 GKJ and 27579 GX58 GKL they were really good I also went on Scanias 15476 GN09 AZR, 15496 GN09 BCE and 15438 KX08 KZH 15476 and 15496 were really good but 15438 let me down. 

Here are the photos of some of them:

E300 27579 GX58 GKL is seen on the 1A at the start of this week

Meanwhile, E300 27577 GX58 GKJ was working the 1 which does a slightly different route to the 1A

Scania 15475 GN09 AZP gets to work on the 1A at the start of the week

Here is 15476 GN09 AZR on the 1 this is a good bus I liked it when I went on it

Scania 15439 KX08 KZJ on the hill where I take my photos I'm not really that keen on these KX08s

It let me down on the first ride however 15438 KX08 KZH impressed me on the second ride

15478 GN09 AZU works my local route the Loop

The best Decker I went on that was on loan was 15496 GN09 BCE photographed on the 1A

15436 KX08 KZD goes down the hill
I was able to capture most of the loan buses it has been nice seeing different buses down here.