Sunday, 31 May 2020

15329 from being a Wave bus into the new livery.

This is my first post in a few months and it's based around the one bus. In this case it's Scania MMC 15329 which was part of the Wave 99 fleet and carried branding now it wears the new Stagecoach local livery. This is mainly used to identify buses that normally do the small routes like town routes. But 15329 is more suitable for long routes though like the Wave 99. 

Here are a few photos of 15329 from my very first photo of it to my most recent of it in the new colours.

I'm going to start with 15329 in Wave branding and my first set show that.

My first photo of it in December 2017 when it was driver training

15329 looks a bit lost as it works the 1A

Off route again this time doing an outing on route 6

Here is 15329 doing its allocated Wave 99 route in Eastbourne Town Centre

Off route again work the 5 service back in March this was my last photo of it in branding
 The new colours as mentioned earlier 15329 now has the new local livery here are a few of it near my house.
15329 works local route 1A again in Hampden Park Eastbourne

15329 is seen from a distance also doing the 1A but this was done as a clip and got a photo from that
It would be interesting to see what the next bus will be though.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Some very interesting workings from past few weeks

Bus spotting is impossible now with what has been going on recently and I haven't been able to see if there have been any odd workings in the local area as I haven't looked at the bus tracker for just over a week when there was a really interesting Loop working which was done by one of the Tridents. Here are a few interesting workings from the past few weeks all captured using my mobile phone starting with a recent to an interesting working from a few weeks ago.

Let's start with a Scania the 5/5A service uses a mixture of buses but one time in the past few weeks, there has been a Scania E400 on the normally Scania E300 working 15545 is seen working the route it had also worked the 99 the week before.

Here's 15545 on the Wave 99 a few weeks before

15545  GN59 EWU gets really adventurous on the 5A 
The Loop route normally uses E400s but ALX400 Trident 18160 was working the Anti-Clockwise of the route last week.
Trident 18160 GX54 DVA works the E400 operated Loop
 On a working normally done by an E200 sees E300 27579 work the 5A service last week so is classed an odd working.
E300 27579 works the 5A normally done by an E200
 Another interesting working on the Wave 99 early last week was Scania E400 15505 covering for 15329 on the route and 15328 was doing the other working covering 15330 I think here is 15505 picking up.
15505 GN09 BDE is seen working a Wave 99 service
 The 10 plate E200s hardly ever appear in the area but one did last week as demonstrated by 36123 GN10 JCZ.
White moustache E200 36123 works the 98
 Finally, another really rare working to note from a few weeks back was the use of a Wave Bus on the 5 Scania MMC 15329 does the honours.
15329 YN67 YLB works route 5

Monday, 2 March 2020

The sudden transfer of 15773

It's such a shame when Buses leave an area and transfer away for good leaving 3 others of the same batch behind. Well that was the case with Scania 15773 I first discovered about it when I came back from my mini  break and I feel sad that I wasn't able to get any recent photos of it in its final few weeks here which I should of. It left 15770, 15771 and 15772 behind all still doing the routes in the area.

What I've had to do is use some of the photos from last year of it as well as a few others which I have tried to get together to remember what was such a really good bus.
15773 is seen back in its Eastbourne days seen in Cornfield Road in Eastbourne Town Centre

15773 picks up in Gildredge Road with Scania MMC 15328 behind

15773 seen back in November or December 2019 the sun was a pain back then 

I sadly wasn't able to get any photos of it in its last weeks down here as back then, I didn't know it was leaving the fleet here is my final photo of 15773 on a 5A

Another photo of 15773 also from November 
It just shows how often the buses transfer away and I never was able to sample it when it did the 99 like I did with the others.

Monday, 24 February 2020

My Trip to Norfolk and Suffolk Part 4: Lowestoft

After 3 blog posts 2 in which were very long, I'm finally on my 4th and final post featuring buses on last weeks travels and I decided to end it with Lowestoft. This was my main base for the few days I was there but it wasn't my main location for photos though as I didn't take that many there. The Buses in this post were seen in the short window I was there before I went on my travels. 

The Buses:
E200 44532
E400 33820
Gemini 37154
Gemini 37563

I'm going to start with E200 44532 the last time I had seen this bus back in 2018, it was missing Lowestoft fleet names now it has them and is seen right by the entrance to the Bus Station on local route 101.
E200 44532 works the 101 service
 33820 was one of many buses which were new back in 2013 for the X1 service when it ran the full length long before the route was split at Norwich it still does the Eastern side of the route today and is seen departing the Bus Station on the X1.
Excel E400 33820 is seen departing on an X1 to Norwich
 I was unsure how my phone would have coped with photos of buses entering the Bus Station but turns out that it did really well Gemini 37154 is seen turning into the Bus Station and it has to be timed perfectly to avoid a disaster.
Volvo Gemini 37154 enters the Bus Station
 The X2/X22 has a few E400s on it now which were made redundant from the Western Side of the XL but when I was in the area, it was still mainly operated by Volvo B9TLs with Eclipse Gemini bodywork here is 37563 departing the Bus Station on an X22 to Norwich.
Volvo Gemini 37563 leaves with an X22 service to Norwich
I do hope I can visit the area again this year and stay longer this time round and snap more buses.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

My Trip to Norfolk and Suffolk: Part 3 other operators in Norwich

My previous post was showcasing First in Norwich this post is a post featuring some of the other companies in Norwich and there is quite a few different operators in the city itself ranging from independents to Go-Ahead and both of these are featured. There is a range of bus types featured and they are:
Border Bus
Konect Bus

I have a massive soft spot for Border Bus as I really like the combination of colours featured on the livery. The 2 buses in this post are an E200 and Scania Omnicity both working the 146 service.

Border Bus E200 104 BB62 BUS works the 146

Scania Omnicity 211 BB06 BUS is also seen on the 146 this was Stagecoach London 15126 LX59 CLV
 Konect Bus: Go-Ahead are the other big group in the area and operate a mixture of buses here is 2 of their E400s and E200 MMCs.
Konect Bus E400 601 is seen in the Bus Station 

A park and Ride E200 MMC works Park and Ride route 5

Another MMC on the 5

A Konect Bus E400 is seen working Park and Ride route 502
 Sanders and Simmonds: The orange Buses with Sanders and white buses with Simmonds can't be missed here are 2 examples of an Eclipse 2 and MCV.
An Eclipse 2 of Sanders is seen on the 43

An Simmonds MCV  Evolution on the 2
Final part of the post will be buses from where my base was.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

My Trip to Norfolk and Suffolk Part 2 First Norwich

Welcome to part 2 of a review of my latest trip to Norfolk and Suffolk. This time, I found myself in Norwich with a wide selection of buses on offer ranging from First to other companies. This post features the First Bus fleet members I snapped with other companies to follow in the next post as there were far too many photos from that day.

Bus types featured: E400s, Scania E400 Cities, Presidents, Gemini 2s and Eclipse Singles  I will now caption the photos.

E400 33423 on the X1 minus tinted windows

Old Excel E400 33810 on the X1

33821 is seen not in service 
 My main aim was to snap the new buses on the XL routes which feature cameras instead of mirrors buses featured are 36903, 36908 and 36913 fleet numbers which feature on Stagecoach E200s. They are Scania N250UDs with E400 City bodies the 1st non gas Scanias with this combination.
E400 City Scania 36903 is seen out in front with 36913 behind it

Here is 36908 on the D

Here is 36913 also working the D

A Eclipse carries a wrap promoting mobile tickets

A standard Eclipse on the 41

Trident President 33163 is seen in the City Centre

Here is Orange Line branded 33150

Purple Line 33166 is seen with a Konect Bus MMC behind 

Volvo Gemini 2 36171 works the Turquoise Line

Unbranded 36202 works the Blue Line in place of a blue Gemini 
36265 carries Yellow Line branding here it is in the City Centre

36173 also works the Turquoise Line 

Unbranded 36270 is seen on the Yellow Line
Part 3 will be the next instalment of the posts after this one.

Friday, 21 February 2020

My trip to Norfolk and Suffolk: Part 1 Great Yarmouth

I've been on my travels again whilst the rest of the family went to a boring shopping place, I decided to go to Great Yarmouth for some bus photography. I got a wide range of bus types on camera including Scania,Volvo and ADL. 

I got the X1 from Lowestoft and the bus that took me there was B7 Gemini 37043. It was my first time on this combination having gone on a B9 many times in the past!

Volvo Gemini 37043 took me there here it is at Market Gates Bus Station
 I also came for Border Bus route 580 and seen on the route was Scania Omnicity 208 BB58 BUS
Border Bus Scania 208 BB58 Bus on the 580
 Now for an Ex Green line Gemini and 37274 is seen in soggy conditions on an X1 service.
Gemini 37274 works the X1

Border Bus E200 BB11 BUS on the 580 after BB58 BUS
 Finally, the Excel got new buses which I will talk about even more in a future post the previous allocation of ADL E400s have moved onto other Excel Routes here is 33807 on the X1 a shorter route for them
E400 ADL 33807 on the X1 service