Saturday, 3 June 2017

Buses on holiday in May/June 2017

With lots of photos to upload and me not being bothered to do the post in a few parts due to the high quantity of photos I have decided to include all my best ones in this post. The last week of May and into early June was a photo frenzy with me going away and photographing Buses in the area I went to.
I went to:
Ipswich (for a show)
Great Yarmouth
36169 (BD11 CFO) seen on the Blue Line in Norwich
Gemini 37570 (AU58 ECT) departs the Bus Station on the X22

Recent additions to First Eastern Counties have been Enviro300s from the North 67752 (SN62 APF)

Another Gemini leaves the Bus Station

Our 99 down here is Double Deckers theirs is a mixture of Single and Double Deckers an Enviro200 is seen on the route

37568 (AU58 ECJ) is seen working the X22 this route is actually really scenic

An recent arrival to Lowestoft from Norwich is Enviro200 44517 (YX09 ACY) seen on the 101

Gemini 37562 (FJ08 FYN) departs on the X1

Enviro200 45116 (VT09 JPT) works a 105

Gemini 2s from Yorkshire include 36183 (BN12 JYF) is seen on the 1A

Whilst some of the batch left last year, others still remain like President 32206 (LT52 WTM)

Heritage Liveried ALX400 59 (32059 W219 XBD) is seen at journeys end on the 1A

First Ipswich were promoting their Park and Ride using ADL Enviro300s

The most prettiest Bus I have ever seen Enviro400 33423 (SN60 CAA) picks up at Great Yarmouth Station  for an X11

Gemini 37575 (AU58 ECZ) nears its terminus on the X22

One of the Yorkshire Geminis ended up on the X1

An ALX400 bodied Volvo arrives on a 99

Heritaged liveried 30888 (W743 DWX) appears on the X2

Gemini 37564 (AU58 ECC) on the X2

Enviro200 45117 (ST58 JPT) arrives on the 103

Gemini 37577 (AU58 EDF) arrives at the terminus of route X22

Posh X1 branded Enviro400 33819 (YX63 LKJ) is seen on the X1

Thought these were B7RLES to start of with but they are Volvo B7Ls one arrives on a 1A

Friday, 21 April 2017

The end of 125s under Compass

The 125 a route which sees poor usage numbers. This week was the last week of Compass Bus running the 125 which changes operator next week. I have gathered a few of my photos taken over the past 5/6 months of some of the normal allocation on it of Mini Enviro200s. They have run it to Eastbourne since 2015 replacing the Eastbourne part of the 126.

GX62 CSF pulls away from the Bus stop in February this year on the 125 you can see it is empty

After ages and ages wanting to get a photo of this SN16 OGS made an appearance on the 125 last Wednesday I was in a rush to get this photo

Thought I would share this as only for the purpose of the blind not being changed GX13 FSP is seen picking up

The right destination on this photo of GX13 FSP the driver had changed the blind

GX13 FSN picks up in Autumn 2016 for a 125 to Lewes

My final 125 photo sees GX13 FSL coming off the roundabout in Eastbourne Town Centre a few days ago

GX13 FSO leaves after picking up passengers very empty

GX13 FSU a few weeks back in a similar position to where I photographed SN16 OGS and GX13 FSL

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

More short term Bus stop movements

Before we go into this post Eastbourne lost E200 36899 in a Bus crash a week ago today. A Bus driver was injured and the Buses front was smashed up.
Now onto the main post:
Roadworks have led to Bus Stop closures all week causing the Buses to stop further down. The routes that have had to be moved down are the 51,55,56 and 99. The 54 also terminates there they will hopefully be back at their normal stops next week. It is really chaotic in the Town Centre at the moment.

Enviro400 19019 (MX06 XAU) gets ready to start a 55 journey after coming off the 51

After its appearance on the 1/1A last week, Scania 15770 (GN61 EVT) is seen on its normal route the 99 shame the blinds didn't come out

Scania 28607 (GN61 EVL) is seen at the temporary Bus stop on the 51 the blinds refused to come out again

The 54 has its terminus down here this week Scania 28610 (GN61 EVR) is seen after completing a 54

Blinds refused to come out again but here is Scania 28608 (GN61 EVM) on the 51

From one Euro 3 Enviro400 to another 19049 (MX56 FRU) is seen on the 56 only a few days after I was lucky enough to ride it on my local route
 Now for the chaos Scania 15777 (GN61 EWB) is seen waiting to start a 99. There is also a Solo, a few Enviro400s and an Enviro200 all queuing causing chaos.
When one Bus comes along loads of others come along as well Scania 15777 (GN61 EWB) before doing an 99 journey with a Solo, 2 Enviro400s and an Enviro200 all queuing
 Another Enviro400MMC to add to my MMC collection which is small at the moment is Wave 100/101/102 branded 10721 (SN66 VXL) seen on the Wave 99.
MMC 10721 (SN66 VXL) branded for the 100/101/102 on the 99 this is a rare working
 Back from the dead is unique Trident ALX400 17402 (Y103 GHC). It is unique because it is the only ALX400 with Stagecoach South East with a ZF gearbox. Orginally destined for London as a Y--NHK, it was diverted away from London to East Kent. It is London spec because of the lower rear window, the height and the blind. It is seen before starting a journey on the 99. The previous 99 was rare as well being an MMC so there was an MMC and an ALX400 on the 99 one after the other.

ALX400 17402 (Y103 GHC) seen on the Wave 99
This took some time to write but have finally written it.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Rail Buses 25th and 26th February 2017

After a confusion with the text not wanting to go on a new layout, I have gone back to this layout again. Continuing on the subject of Rail Buses, last weekend was yet another Rail Bus service on both Saturday and Sunday.
What do I think of what was on it? Well it wasn't the best local Rail I have been to I have been to better ones. This was due to showing up late once again I need to learn from showing up late and getting there a lot earlier as because of that, I missed lots of the action. Well I managed to get myself some photos though and I'm going to share them in this post.
Regency Coaches ADL Enviro200 MX10 DXT one of 3 Buses owned by this company

Compass Bus made a comeback to Rail in Eastbourne after a few years former GHA B7RLE AA58 GHA shows this

Go-Ahead London General ADL Enviro400 E212 (SN61 DDJ) parked in a weird way

Go-Ahead London Commercial Services convertible Open Top Gemini WVL93 (LF52 ZNE)
 Now something you have never seen down here Dorset Based MoreBus on Rail on behalf of Brighton&Hove who are unable to run it. The Scania Omnilink was one of 3 on hire to Brighton&Hove.
A MoreBus Scania Omnilink on hire to Brighton&Hove

Why would I not share a Trident to this post Southern Transit ALX400 TA400 (Y514 NHK)

Seaford and District Volvo ALX400 AV20 (X20 SEA)

Seaford and District also had B7RLE 703 (SF03 SEA) on it as well

Another photo of Compass Bus Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urban AA58 GHA

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Changes to Bus stop layouts

Enviro400 19048 (MX56 FRR) at the new Loop stop
 Bus Stops are all over the place now due to the upgrade works to the Town Centre The Loop, 1,1A,1X,51,55,56,99 stops were all moved for example the Anti-Clockwise Loop has moved to the old 51/55 stop and the 51 and 55 were moved to the old 56 and 99 Bus stop. Photos of all these new positions are now good enough to be used on this post. Enviro400 19048 (MX56 FRR) is pictured at the new Loop stop on the Loop.

Enviro300 27516 (GX06 DYV) at the new 1/1A/1X stop
 Now onto the 1/1A/1X new stop. These routes are not working from a stop that previous routes were. To the left of the page ADL TransBus Enviro300 27516 (GX06 DYV) waits to depart on the 1X a route that is scheduled to have these Buses on. They're not suited to the 51/251/252 (Need to photograph one when I see one on it in the Town Centre as it's an really rare working). Some have worked them routes recently and they made it to Tunbridge Wells and back without breaking down as they're so unreliable.

Scania 15773 (GN91 EVW) on the 99
 Now onto the new Wave 99 and 56 stop. Hastings based Wave 99 branded Scania N230UD/ADL Enviro400 15773 (GN61 EVW) on a Wave 99 journey. Still need to ride and film this as I've been on all the others and have filmed them as well just need 15773.

Enviro400 19048 (MX56 FRR) on the 56

Now back onto Enviro400 19048 (MX56 FRR) on a 56 service from the new 56/99 stop. When I photographed it, there was only one passenger onboard it no other passengers. 56 route is so poorly used.

Now onto a Scania which has been on Town work most of this week so far working the 1/1A and the Eastbourne Loop. 28608 (GN61 EVM) is pictured below on the 1A.
I love odd workings Scania Enviro300 28608 (GN61 EVM) at the new 1/1A/1X stop
Now onto another odd working on the 1/1A Scania Enviro400 15506 (GN09 BDF) at the new 1/1A/1X stop.
Scania 15506 (GN09 BDF) at the new 1/1A /1X stop on the 1
Back to the new Loop stop now and Scania Enviro400 15504 (GN09 BCZ) loads in wet weather for another Loop to Hampden Park.
Scania Enviro400 15504 (GN09 BCZ) on the Loop
We are now going to the new 51/55 stop for a really rare working A lost One branded Enviro400 19648 (SP60 DTF) on the 55.
A lost one! Enviro400 19648 (SP60 DTF) on the 55!
Thought it would be rude not to include a Enviro400MMC on the Wave 99. Here is unbranded 10702 (SN66 VVO) at the new 99/56 stop on a odd working of the 99. I have been on 10701 on the 99 and it was good for an E40D.
Unbranded MMC 10702 (SN66 VVO) on the Wave 99
This is something I will eventually get used to.