Sunday, 31 January 2016

Photos of the month January 2016 and latest repaints

Another month has come to an end and this means it is photos of the month time. I haven't done one of these since November last year. This time I have chosen one of my favourite Compass Bus, Brighton&Hove and Stagecoach photo out of all the photos I've taken this month. So now onto the pictures:
Brighton&Hove B9TL/Gemini 2 488 BJ63 UJS on the 12A Tuesday morning

Compass Bus Enviro200 GX13 FSP on the 125 Monday afternoon

Stagecoach in Eastbourne Trident ALX400 17529 LX51 FON on the 56 Monday afternoon
Now onto the latest repaints:
Since my last post on the repaints of ADL Enviro400s, 2 more Enviro400 have gained a repaint. They are Ex Manchester 19049 (MX56 FRU) getting a refreshed Stagecoach livery because it was probably due a repaint my picture of 19049 was before it got a repaint and Ex Tayway 73 19648 (SP60 DTF) that has been repainted into normal Stagecoach colours and has gained the new 'One' branding. The logo on the side of 19648 is really boring it just says 'The Eastbourne one' that could of been one of the most boring ones Stagecoach could think off.
Stagecoach in Eastbourne 19049 MX56 FRU before getting taken out of service to get a repaint

Stagecoach in Eastbourne 19648 (SP60 DTF) showing off its 'One' branding

That is all for this month see you next month when there will be more photos of Buses.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

More One branding and Recently transferred Enviro400

Good Evening, Enviro400s are taking over the blog tonight once again as the 2 latest Enviro400s have received the new One branding that was first seen on 19652 (SP60 DPU) towards the end of last year and 19653 (SP60 DPV) earlier this month. The latest 2 to get branded are 19659 (OU60 CVA) which entered service again last Friday and 19655 (SP60 DPY) which entered service again I think yesterday I'm not sure on that one.
19659 says "I'm your one" which means it is flirting with you and 19655 says "Here comes another one" I wonder what it will say on the next Enviro400 to receive the branding I will have to find out when it enters service again.
Here comes another one 19655 already on the wrong route it was on the right route today
 Now onto recently transferred Enviro400 19659 (OU60 CVA) it is really out of place amongst all the other 196-- Enviro400s here because of its registration being the only one in its series. This Bus was new to Oxford and was later with Ashford before transferring to Eastbourne just before Christmas last year. However, it didn't last in service for long in the condition it came in from Ashford. It was taken out of service to get a repaint and receive the new one branding. It has been off route a few times already because it has been on the 51, 99 and the school service recently.
I'm your one 19659 already off route on the 51
That is about all for today.

Friday, 8 January 2016

New service to Hailsham introduced

This is a follow up to the post I published on the last day of last year about an Enviro400 branded for the ONE due to some changes to some of the Bus Services in Eastbourne. On Monday this week, a new 1X service was introduced to Hailsham replacing the 1 that went there before. The 1 still runs but not to Hailsham anymore so it is now fully a town route alongside the 1A.
The 1X runs every half an hour and requires 4 Buses mainly Single Deckers ( Enviro300s ) from the 1/1A allocation but Buses allocated to the 3/3A and Eastbourne Loop have appeared on it before as well. So I went out to see if I can get some photos of the 1X and I've been successful photographing an ADL Enviro300 which has the body first built by TransBus so eventhough they are ADL, they are known to the enthusiasts as TransBus Enviro300s and a Solo which replaced a broken Enviro300 on it.
The ADL Enviro300 I photographed on it is 27516 ( GX06 DYV ) it joined the Eastbourne fleet from Dover last year replacing MANS and was the last one to enter service here.

ADL Enviro300 27516 ( GX06 DYV ) on the 1X
 Now for a Bus allocated to the 3/3A Optare Solo 47164 ( YJ05 XND ) I was really lucky to get a photograph of it on the 1X because I don't think Solos hardly ever appear on it.
Optare Solo 47164 YJ05 XND on the 1A
These are just the first 2 pictures I've taken of the 1X and more will follow at somepoint.