Monday, 30 November 2015

Photos of the month November 2015

We have now come to the end of another month and that means it's Bus photos of the month time for November 2015. I've selected my best bus photos of each type of bus I've photographed this month a representative of each bus is shown with ADL Enviro400s we have a representative from the Ex Tayway 73 batch and one that was with Manchester, the representatives are:

17623 V623 DJA - Longer Trident/ALX400
19648 SP60 DTF - Ex Tayway 73  
28606 GN61 EVK - Scania Enviro300
19019 MX06 XAU - Ex - Manchester Enviro400
15588 GX10 HAA - Scania Enviro400 Coastliner 700
27518 GX06 DYY - Enviro300 - TransBus body
36903 GN13 HHU - Eastbourne Loop Enviro200
47066 SF04 SKK - Optare Solo
35102 SP06 FMZ - ADL Pointer Dart
17529 LX51 FON - Shorter Trident/ALX400
17623 V623 DJA on the 99
19648 SP60 DTF on the 51

28606 GN61 EVK on the Eastbourne Loop

19019 MX06 XAU on the 51

15588 GX10 HAA on a Rail Replacement Service

27518 GX06 DYY

36903 GN13 HHU on the Eastbourne Loop

47066 SF04 SKK on the 3

35102 SP06 FMZ on the 99

17529 LX51 FON on the 99
That's it for this month hope you enjoy the read.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Trident that made a comeback to Eastbourne for a little bit

Good evening everyone and welcome to my new blog post. You may remember that months ago I paid tribute to Trident/ALX400 18529 ( GX06 DYT ) on its move from Eastbourne to Ashford back in March/April this year. I knew I wouldn't see it again but months later 18529 came back to Eastbourne to cover for an Enviro400 that went to Ashford possibly for a repaint for one week only and this is what my blog post is going to be about. You all are possibly aware at Ashford 18529 has had quite a few problems ouch.

Picture time now:

A rather dirty looking 18529 on the 51

18529 leading a Solo and Enviro400 the Enviro400 I think is an SP60 

18529 waiting to do a trip on the 99

18529 loading sorry about blind not showing in this one

18529 on the 1 all the way to Hailsham
I only found out about this last week when someone sent a message saying they feel sorry for me because Stagecoach Eastbourne were getting 18529 for a little while enjoy the read. :-)

Friday, 13 November 2015

Double Deckers on Loop revisited

Good Evening everyone,welcome to my new blog post. You may remember ages ago I wrote a post on Double Deckers on the Loop a route that is meant to be operated by Enviro200s. Well since that last post I did, my phone, which I've used as my camera has caught some more Double Deckers on the Loop because more Double Deckers have appeared on it since that last post I've not taken pics of all the Double Deckers I've seen on it just some.

The Loop can be a bit busy sometimes with the Single Deckers that are allocated to it so Stagecoach have started to put Double Deckers on it a bit releasing some of the Enviro200s to other routes like the 1/1A. The Double Decker Buses I've included in this post are: 19049 ( MX56 FRU ), 19654 ( SP60 DPX ), 18173 ( GX54 DVR ), 17529 ( LX51 FON ), 17528 ( LX51 FOM ), 19650 ( SP60 DTN ) and 19651 ( SP60 DPO ). Enough of that onto the pictures:
Enviro400 19049 ( MX56 FRU ) on the Eastbourne Loop 

Enviro400 19654 ( SP60 DPX ) on the Eastbourne Loop

Trident/ALX400 18173 ( GX54 DVR ) on the Eastbourne Loop

Trident/ALX400 17529 ( LX51 FON ) on the Eastbourne Loop

Trident/ALX400 17528 ( LX51 FOM ) on the Eastbourne Loop

Enviro400 19650 ( SP60 DTN ) on the Eastbourne Loop

19654 ( SP60 DPX ) 

Enviro400 19651 ( SP60 DPO ) on the Eastbourne Loop
After I write this post there might be more Double Deckers appearing on the Eastbourne Loop. Look out for my picture of 19651 ( SP60 DPO ) on Flickr because that will be up in the next few days this post is like another part to the one I did in September.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

More and More Rail Replacement

Welcome everyone to my new blog post, you may remember that a few weeks ago I did a Rail Replacement post on some of the Buses that replaced trains due to engineering works. Well last Sunday Buses and Coaches replaced trains again this time between Eastbourne and Lewes. I would like to thank Harry P for letting me know about the Rail Replacement the day before and in advance. Without you I wouldn't of known about it. 

So last Sunday I headed into town and the Station to see what was being used on it. This time Stagecoach South and Renown did it along with Southern Transit and Seaford and District as well as some Coach companies now onto the pictures.

Stagecoach South: 
Coastliner 700 branded Scania N230UD/Enviro400 15588 GX10 HAA resting in Terminus Road

Doesn't that branding look stunning 15588 GX10 HAA
Trident/ALX400 75 T675 KPU still showing Stagecoach fleet number 17075 at Eastbourne Train Station

38 Y438 NHK still showing Stagecoach fleet number 17438
 Seaford and District:
A beast of a Bus Volvo B7TL/ALX400 AV20 X20 SEA at Eastbourne Train Station

A close up shot of AV20 X20 SEA 
 Southern Transit:
Southern Transit Y517 NHK at the front of the line in Eastbourne Train Station with a Southern Transit Scania in the back ground

Y386 NHK not a good photo but I've decided to put it on this post
What a good Sunday afternoon it was and to make it better I got my favourite Scania Enviro300 back 28606 GN61 EVK.