Saturday, 31 December 2016

The trips of 2016

Another end to another year here is just an list of trips I went on during the course of this year.
Winter 2016 (earlier this year) saw me travel to East Anglia to photograph some of the Buses there. Despite spending long hours photographing Buses, I managed some pretty good photos.
First Lowestoft Mini Enviro200 45118 (ST09 JPT)

Gemini 37578 (AU58 EDJ) rode this during my stay and I really hated it.
 Spring comes along and it was time to experience the biggest Rail Replacement in the South East loads of Buses there was to see.
Compass Trident T183 CLO at Three Bridges

Now onto Summer 2016 and my trips to Hastings and Brighton to photograph Buses there.

Eastbourne based Scania 15544 (GN59 EWT) departing Hastings Station on the 99 shame the blinds didn't come out

37327 (YY15 OWR) seen on an Arrows service.

Stagecoach South Scania 15992 (YN64 XSW) in the same spot as T183 CLO

Brighton Gemini 430 (BF12 KXJ) displaying new Regency branding.

Gemini 456 on a 5B
 Now onto something more local more Rail Replacement and here are 2 really good Buses I went on Southdown PSV Scania 501 (YN66 WUB) and MetroBus Enviro200 6781 (YY15 GDA)

Scania 501 (YN66 WUB) at Polegate Station

MetroBus Enviro200 6781 (YY15 GDA) at Hampden Park Station

Friday, 2 December 2016

The end of Euro 2 Tridents and arrivals

With DDA enforcement due on Double - Deckers by the 31st of this month we bid farewell to the V and W reg Tridents. Some of them have been withdrawn already whilst others are on their last days in service. I didn't get to go on all of them but I went on what I could and it was a few of them in the end. So I'm going to be sharing my photos of them.

17623 (V623 DJA) parked up after completing a 98

It came from London and survived until November 2016 when it was confirmed withdrawn 17106 (V106 MEV) after completing a 98 this outlived similar 17107 (V107 MEV)

17624  (V624 DJA) after completing a 98 a few months ago

17627 (W627 RND) also after completing a 98 on one of its last days in service in October 2016

17632 (W632 RND) came from Manchester and alongside most of the other Tridents featured it was Ex - Magic Bus

17633 (W633 RND) managed to survive until late November 2016 when it was withdrawn

17637 (W637 RND) spent a short time at Eastbourne before being replaced by Scania 15506 (GN09 BDF) it later transferred to Hastings and is seen after a 98 journey

17639 (W639 RND) is also seen after completing a 98 journey early November 2016

17663 (V163 DFT) after completing a 98 journey also I first photographed it in Hastings on the Arrows
 Here is what's wiping them out the 100/1/2 is getting new Enviro400MMCs like 10702 (SN66 VVO) which will remain unbranded. What's replacing the  Non - DDA Tridents is the Scanias displaced by the new MMCs from the 100/1/2.
Working a 99 in it's first week of service 10702 (SN66 VVO) this was an extra during the most recent train strike near the end of its journey at Eastbourne Town Centre

10702 (SN66 VVO) leaving Eastbourne Town Centre on a 99 to Silverhill on the same day

Monday, 28 November 2016

A weekend of Rail Replacement

Due to Rail works over both days last weekend, Buses replaced Trains Eastbourne to Hastings on Saturday and Eastbourne to Polegate, Eastbourne to Hastings and a few shuttles between Polegate and Hampden Park and Hampden Park to Eastbourne on Sunday. There were a few Buses on it which once started life in London and have been sold to independent operators like Seaford and District and Southern Transit. It was from a Brighton&Hove 6 branded Gemini in the new branding to a MetroBus Enviro200 with a ZF gearbox.
Ex GAL B7TL Gemini WVL919 (SFZ 919) this was on standby at Eastbourne

Brighton&Hove B9TL Gemini 2 Coach 551 (BF12 KXT) parked at the back before working another Rail duty

Ex London meets another Ex London Seaford and District B7TL WVL919 and Southern Transit Trident TA406

Will this thing stop stalking me every time I see Rail Trident TA406 (Y517 NHK) is always on it
 We now go onto some shots of Southdown PSV brand new Scania N230UD/ADL Enviro400 501 (YN66 WUB). One of the last Scania Enviro400s built with the "Classic" Enviro400 body 
Southdown Scania 501 (YN66 WUB) after completing a Rail Replacement

501 resting after comlpleting a Rail Replacement
 Go - Ahead MetroBus also used some of their 15 reg ZF route 270 branded ADL Enviro200s on a shuttle between Polegate and Hampden Park 6781 (YY15 GDA) rests at Hampden Park before going back to Polegate. 
Go - Ahead Enviro200 6781 (YY15 GDA) on Rail Replacement
 We now move on to Go - Ahead Brighton&Hove as well as the Gemini 2 Coach and a Omnidekka, they also used a B9TL in the new route 6 branding pictured below is 402 (BJ11 XHB)
Go - Ahead B9TL/Gemini 2 402 (BJ11 XHB) showing off its new route 6 branding
 Time to conclude with old Southern Transit Trident TA1 (V301 KGW) waiting in line to work a Rail Replacement to Hastings.
Southern Transit Trident TA1 (V301 KGW)

Monday, 31 October 2016

Diversions, Enviro200s on the 51/251/252 and Doubles and Scania Enviro300s on the Loop.

Sometimes allocations can be out of the ordinary but when there is diversions involved, things get out of the ordinary every day of the week. That was the case last week there was a diversion on the 251/2 part of the Tunbridge Wells route resulting in Single Deckers which aren't to long on the 51/251/252. Doubles and Scania Enviro300s were banned from the 51/251/252 for a short period of time so did some Town work and the Scania Enviro300s worked the 54 as normal. The Doubles meanwhile, worked Town routes during last week.
Things are back to normal now as there is no diversion on the 251/2 which means the Doubles and Scania Enviro300s are back on the 51/251/252 and the Enviro200s are back on the Loop.
Scania Enviro300 28608 (GN61 EVM) on the Eastbourne Loop last Wednesday

Scania Enviro400 15503 (GN09 BCY) working the Eastbourne Loop also on the Wednesday

Enviro200 36898 (GN13 HHO) on the 51 also on the Wednesday this has had a respray recently but still has its Eastbourne fleet name

Loop Enviro200 36905 (GN13 HHW) on the 51 on the Monday

Unbranded Enviro200 36901 (GN13 HHS) also on the 51 on the Monday

This Buses slogan should of said All aboard this Loop instead of All aboard this One last week Enviro400 19662 (SP60 DRX) on the Eastbourne Loop on the Monday it worked the route most days

Ex Triangle Scania Enviro400 15545 (GN59 EWU) working the Eastbourne Loop on the Monday

15545 has an E40D to keep it company in this photo

Scania Enviro400 15506 (GN09 BDF) on the Eastbourne Loop on the Monday

2 Enviro400s both on the Loop Trident 19019 (MX06 XAU) and Scania 15546 (GN59 EWV) on the Monday
 Before I go onto my final photo the photo before shows Scania Enviro400 15546 (GN59 EWV) on the 3 on the Wednesday.
Scania 15546 (GN59 EWV) on the 3 on the Wednesday
 Back to the theme of this post I'm going to end with a photo of ADL Enviro400 19019 (MX06 XAU) on the Eastbourne Loop on the Monday.
ADL Enviro400 19019 (MX06 XAU) on the Eastbourne Loop on the Monday these are Beasts

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Rail Replacment and a Bus showing 40X blinds

The local Train company continue striking over the same thing that never gets sorted or goes wrong. Buses and Coaches replaced Trains between 2 Stations because of it over the 3 days it was on for earlier this week.

This was by far one of the worst Rail Replacements I've ever seen it was really boring nothing much really worth photographing other then a Seaford PVL originally with Go - Ahead London as their PVL233 (Y733 TGH) now re - registered as Y24 SEA with a fleet number of PVL24 which was originally on a V reg President with the same company. The Seaford and District fleet looks smart and impressive this is a company who look after their fleet really well and are popular with enthusiasts with photos of their fleet getting loads of Favourites.

Seaford and District Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President PVL24 (Y24 SEA) on Rail standby

Southern Transit Trident TA406 (Y517 NHK) also on Rail Replacement standby

Southern Transit TA1 (V301 KGW) at Hampden Park Station near to where I live

PVL24 showing 40X blinds the driver put these up
The 2 Tridents are ZF and TA1 is really loud well that's standard for Euro 2 Tridents. Also the last picture of the PVL has had some work done to it on my phone as it needed loads of cropping.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Some of last months odd workings

As I haven't written a post for a while I thought I might do a little post. There was loads of odd workings last month but my camera wasn't able to take photos of most of them so only managed a few. Referring back to my previous post on whether route branding works or not, it highlighted that the One branded E40Ds were off route a bit and branding doesn't work on them due to how many times they're off route they continued what they like doing best appearing off route. 
Enviro400 19668 (SP60 DTO) appearing on a odd working of the Eastbourne Loop there has been at least one Double on it most days recently

A rariety now this time a Single on the Wave 99 Enviro200 36486 (GN12 CKK ) was doing just that it probably got busy as the 99 should really be Doubles and it's full and standing

Another oddie last month was Arrows branded Enviro200 36498 (GN12 CLV) also on the Wave 99.
These were just some of the odd workings from last month.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Another Bus outing

Went on another Bus journey last week this time it was to Brighton for Gemini and Enviro300 spotting as they were Buses I really wanted photos of like for example 489 with the giant Ice - Cream which I've been after for sometime and I mamaged to hunt it down for photos. Also one of a new Regency Gemini as well and having seen some more of them they look really nice and suit the livery.
This Bus makes you feel hungry everytime you see it because of the Ice - Cream here is 489 (BJ63 UJT) on the 21

Stagecoach South Enviro300 27655 (GX10 KZH) on the 17

Refurbished and repainted new Regency Bus B9TL 430 (BF12 KXJ) is seen on the Regency shame the blinds didn't come out

I've also seen this Bus on the 13X but here is Route 5 branded B9TL 478 (BJ63 UJF) seen on the 5A

Unbranded B9TL 456 (BK13 NZY) on the 5B

Stagecoach South Enviro300 27666 (GX10 KZU) on the 17

Stagecoach South Enviro300 27649 (GX10 KZB) on the 17
There would of been more but due to the sun I didn't take as many as I hoped to take. The GX10 Enviro300s are a really huge batch.