Thursday, 27 August 2015

Trip to Hastings

Last week I went to Hastings it wasn't just going along the seafront and going in a peddle boat I also had a bit of time to watch the Buses as well. I stood at Hastings Train Station where all the Buses go in to pick up and drop of passengers. I got onboard Trident ALX400 17106 ( V106 MEV ) on the 99 and to my surprise it didn't break down. Once I got off 17106 I had about 30 mins to watch some Buses. I finished at around 12:20pm.

After going along the seafront I had a bit of time to take some more pictures before the 99 showed up to take me back to Eastbourne. My Bus back to Eastbourne was another Trident this time 17528 ( LX51 FOM ). I have a mixture of photos I've been grouping them up ( Scanias , Enviro200s , Trident Enviro400s and a Darts ) here they all are.

Stagecoach Folkestone Scania Enviro400 15441 ( KX08 KZB ) on the 100

Scania Enviro400 15777 ( GN61 EWB ) on the 99

Wave 100/101/102 branded Scania Enviro400 15478 GN09 AZU
Enviro200 36503 ( GN12 CMF ) on the Arrows

Enviro200 36487 ( GN12 CKL ) also on the Arrows.
 Trident Enviro400s: 
Enviro400 19005 ( MX06 XAD ) on the 100

19005 MX06 XAD
Dart 34845 GX06 DWW
I also have news that 3 TransBus E300s are now in Eastbourne service.

Friday, 21 August 2015

London Trip

Last week saw me go on another trip to watch some Buses this time to London there were loads of Buses to ride on. To start of with I got a train to London Victoria with my Grandma. The first bus of the day was Borismaster LT66 ( LTZ 1066 ) on the 11 it went round a couple of times and it missed its turning. After we had lunch we walked along Whitehall to get our next Bus and it was Volvo B5LH with Gemini 3 body work on the 6 the bus was VWH2101 ( LK15 CWZ ) we ended up in North West London. My Grandma knew we were able to get a 52 from there because the destination was the same as the 52. We didn't have to wait long for a 52 one pulled up almost straight away. The Bus was another Hybrid this time a Gemini 2 hybrid it was Metroline VWH1360 ( LK62 DHX ) that gave a good performance as well.

Now onto some pictures: 
Volvo President VP569 LK04 ELU on the 98

Enviro400 E137 SN60 BZJ on the 87

Volvo Gemini WVL120 LX03 ECW also on the 87
Volvo B9TL/Gemini 2 VW1407 LK13 BHY on the 52

BYD Electric Bus EB2 LC63 CXY 
Next week is going to be my Hastings special featuring a trip to I took to Hastings.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Enviro400 Transfers

A couple of weeks ago some former Scotland Enviro400s transferred into the Eastbourne fleet they are SP60 plates and have fleetnumbers 19648-19653. They are for the 1/1A and are replacing 58 plate Enviro300s 27571-27582 some have departed already. They all have entered service when they are yet to have a repaint after their Tayway 73 branding gets removed some have already had their branding removed while others could possibly still be in branding. As well as the 1/A they can possibly be found on another routes as well. 

On Monday I headed out to sample one of the recently transferred Enviro400s it was successful after rejecting about 3 Enviro200s and a MAN one pulled up it was 19652 ( SP60 DPU ) and I wasn't impressed with its performance its interior at the back didn't match and it sounded awful. I have a interior shot from inside 19652 and a picture of 19652 shortly I got off it.
The interior inside Enviro400 19652 SP60 DPU

19652 photographed on the 1A shortly after I got off 
 The SP60 Enviro400s joined other Buses including Enviro300 27575 ( GX58 GKF ), 17529 ( LX51 FON ) and Scania Enviro400s on Park & Ride duties for Airbourne pictured below is 19651 ( SP60 DPO ) having a rest after completing a Park & Ride duty.
19651 and another Enviro400 having a rest.
In other news the 06 plate former Diamond Enviro300s are joining the fleet from Dover to replace most of the MANs the 58 plate Enviro300s are going to Dover to replace them and 27571 ( GX58 GKA ) and 27573 ( GX58 GKD ) have already gone.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

South West Special

At the start of the summer I went on holiday to Devon for the week and stayed on a site right near the beach in Dawlish Warren. It wasn't just spending time with my family I had some time to have a look at some Buses in Torquay, Exeter and Dawlish Warren. The pictures I took at Torquay are not very good so I have some better pics from Exeter and Dawlish Warren.
The main company is Stagecoach South West and they have a range of different types of buses and this post is pictures of buses in their fleet.

I have grouped them up Single Deck Enviros, Enviro400s and ALX400s so I'm not there ages explain them to you.

The pictures I have for you are of Enviro200 36254 ( WA11 CHN ) and Enviro300 24142 ( WA59 FWX ) both are photographed on a Exeter City Route and Exeter Park and Ride we also have Enviro400 19570 ( WA59 FWS ) meeting with a Solo, Enviro400 WA59 FWS on its own ( the Enviro400 is used on Park and Ride ) and a couple of Tridents at Dawlish Warren which are 18131 ( KN04 XJF ) and similar 18132 ( KN04 XJG ) both are branded for the hop 11 service because I can't put sentences above the pictures so I'm explaining them all in one paragraph. 

Enviro200 WA11 CHN on Exeter City Service A

Enviro300 WA59 FWX on Park and Ride Services
Enviro400 WA59 FWS and Solo ER05 BUS 
Enviro400 WA59 FWS on Park and Ride in Exeter
The perfectly matching colours on WA59 FWS
hop 11 branded ALX400 Trident ( KN04 XJF ) in Dawlish Warren on the 11

Similar ( KN04 XJG ) on the 11

Thank you for reading my post sorry if it is a bit messed up because I have been having problems with blogger today I will leave you with a picture of Trident ALX400 18077 ( WA04 CTF ) in Exeter on the 5B.

ALX400  ( WA04 CTF ) on the 5B


Monday, 3 August 2015

ADL E300s Tribute

A couple of weeks ago I received a DM on Twitter from Steven Knight saying that 12 Enviro400s were transferring to Eastbourne sometime this month they are due to replace the 12 58 Plate ADL E300s with Enviro300 bodywork that are currently used on the 1/1A and other routes and have fleetnumbers of 27571-27582 it is certain that they all will be transferring elsewhere out of the fleet here it will leave the 5 Scania Enviro300s ( 28606 - 28610 ) behind which are staying.
I have been on some of the ADL E300s and the ones that I have for you on the blog are ADL E300s I have been on the Loop or 1A most if not all gave good rides.
Now onto 4 of my best pictures that I have off some of them:
First up we have 27571 ( GX58 GKA ) it is photographed on the 1A service to Shinewater when I went on it gave a good ride however it didn't sound itself for some of the ride.
ADL E300 27571 ( GX58 GKA ) on the 1A
 The next couple I have for you are 27577 and  27578 ( GX58 GKJ and GX58 GKK ) both are photographed on the 1A. When I went on both they sounded really good GX58 GKK is the better one and when I went on GX58 GKJ it spent ages sat at a junction for ages and waiting for some traffic to clear.
ADL E300 27577 ( GX58 GKJ ) on the 1A
ADL E300 27578 ( GX58 GKK ) on the 1A
 The last ADL E300 I have for you is 27582 ( GX58 GKP ) photographed on the 1A it has had its livery changed a little bit when it was debranded it has an additional white area added to its livery in between the 2 front lights. I have been on this bus twice both on different routes the 1A and the Eastbourne Loop which it worked today I was lucky I got a ride on and it was my first Non- Enviro200 Loop in ages and it can cope really well on the Loop.
ADL E300 27582 ( GX58 GKP ) on the 1A
I will miss all these ADL E300s but they haven't gone yet which is good they are all still here.

Now off the E300s and onto Enviro400 19019 ( MX06 XAU ) I remember publishing a post that it had transferred to Hastings but that is wrong because it only was on loan to Hastings and has sinced returned off loan back to Eastbourne.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

A Stagecoach Withdrawl

I have come back off holiday and have gone back to blogging early. I was informed on a group chat that earlier this week Eastbournes oldest MAN ALX300 22187 ( T187 MVM ) was withdrawn on Monday. I have ridden on this bus and it was a good MAN it will be missed so much by me and other enthusiasts. The photo I have got for you is of 22187 on one of its last days in service on the 1A to Shinewater.

MAN 22187 T187 MVM on the 1A last week