Sunday, 30 November 2014

Brighton Buses in Eastbourne

On this post I will be sharing some of my Brighton and Hove bus pics.

Brighton and Hove have routes that run into Eastbourne the routes are the 12,12A,12X and 13X. Brighton and Hove work along side Stagecoach in Eastbourne and have a fleet of mainly double deckers which are mostly Scania Omnidekkas and Scania Omnicitys but there are some Gemini 2s as well. Next February they will receive new Street Deck Gemini 3s that might be replacing the Omnidekkas that are currently running on the 12 i'm hoping some of them will be on the 12 next year.  

As shown in some of these images the Brighton Buses stop at Bus stop J when going back to Brighton.
Brighton Gemini 2 BJ63 UJP

Scania Omnicity Pick quality is not that great
 Some of the buses on limited stop at Bus stop E same stop as Stagecoach operated Wave 99 People have to be be quick getting off seeing as the bus is not stopping for long the 13X is limited stop the same as First X1 between Lowestoft and Peterborough with it splitting at Norwich the 13X just does that.
Gemini 2s keep coming one on 13X that runs between Brighton and Eastbourne
 Brighton Buses go to Eastbourne Pier for example a Gemini 2 on the 13X as well as all the other Brighton routes go along a display of flowers not far from the pier one of the images shows a bus going not quite at the flower bed yet and another one shows one at the flowers.
Photographed in June Gemini 2 going past flower displays along Eastbourne Seafront.

Scania Omnidekka operating on the 12X

Gemini 2 on the 13X

Further out shot of Gemini 2 with Stagcoach ALX400 behind
 Stagecoach and Brighton and Hove are rivals the image above shows a Gemini 2 of Brighton and Hove in front of a Stagecoach ALX400.
Rear Shot of Gemini 2
Just to finish off Brighton Buses don't have adverts on them unless it promotes the company but 30 non branded ones will end up having adverts Thanks for reading.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Guest Post Border Bus special

Sorry if this post is not that long.

I'm completely sure I'm allowed to use these pictures to do this post with Thanks to fellow blogger Steve who is one of my number 1 Twitter Followers lets hope you don't mind me using the pictures. Border Bus is a strong supporter of Movember and have attached Moustaches on to their buses. Here are some images:
A cracking shot of a Border Bus (BB62 BUS) with a Moustache 

Another amazing photo of a Border Bus

Another amazing photo love the colours BB07 BUS

A close up shot of an Border Bus Enviro200 BB62 BUS

This one loads in Norwich
These images will of course remain your copyright Steve thanks for sending me them. Stay Tuned because I will be doing a post  at some point of Brighton Buses in Eastbourne and I will also be sharing some of the pics I have taken off the Brighton Buses including a few Brighton Gemini 2s thanks for reading.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Bus Spotting Part 2

All these images were taken in my hometown Eastbourne.

I would like to Thank Kieran , Sam and Steve for inspiring me to do a blog after reading theirs you three got me inspired, now on to my post.

If you haven't read my last post which was part one you can still read it before this one ( Link can be found on my Twitter page ) It shows an image of 18529 as one of the replacements for 13992 and 13993. Now onto this post:

This post involves some Enviro400s and Enviro200s , I was near one of my normal spots for spotting and I saw Enviro400 19049 MX56 FRU operating on the 1A. I looked at it and it was not loading then I knew that it was not loading because it was terminating at the Town Centre. I wonder if the bus suffered a minor fault which shortened its service run, A replacement bus came as quick as possible which I thought would continue the service it was a 54 Reg Trident/ALX400  that pulled in behind the Enviro400 at the same stop I have ridden this Enviro400 on route 51 before I had to sit on the seat second from the front because two students my age put their bags on the spare seat so I could not sit there but I managed to get the front seat at the top when they got off.

Enviro400 19049 MX56 FRU
Before my Loop arrived I saw another Enviro400 this time on the 99 it is registered GN61 EWE and the fleet number 15780. The bus was a Hastings Enviro400 not a Eastbourne Enviro400 like 19049. When I saw it was not loading and the driver was absent at first and there were waiting passengers. When I got on my Loop I saw that the bus was gone after the driver turned up and  all the waiting passengers were boarded.
Enviro400 15780 GN61 EWE 
 Finally I would like to show an image of one of the Loop branded Enviro200s. All of them are 13 reg and still have that new bus smell despite being a year old. Their fleetnumbers are 36898 - 36908 and their registrations are GN13 HHO/P/R/S/T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z. These buses are really nice and I have ridden on all the branded ones and 2 of the non branded ones.
Enviro200 branded for the Loop
Hope you enjoy this post as much as I have writing it.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bus spotting last weekend part 1

This is my first post

Last Saturday afternoon I ventured out of my house to go into Eastbourne to do bus spotting the weather was cold but dry. I stood by the traffic lights hoping to get some good pictures.

First up I saw Trident/ALX400 18530 GX06 DYU on route 51 to Heathfield no photo though but I managed to get a photo of the other recently transferred Trident/ALX400 18529 GX06 DYT on route 51 later on before I got my Loop home here is an image:
18529 GX06 DYT in the late afternoon sunshine.

It is understood that the Tridents/ALX400S 18529 and 18530 are replacements for the earlier DAF DB250s/ALX400S 13992 and 13993 that were withdrawn from service not long ago. 

Withdrawn 13992  V652 LWT photographed in May.

Withdrawn 13993 V654 LWT photographed in February ( Rid on this one a couple of weeks before it was withdrawn it was horrible,  the seats were tatty/uncomfortable and my seat was ripped.)

The next part will be up within the next few days featuring the Enviro400s and Enviro200s I saw.