Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The return to East Anglia part 3 Lowestoft featuring some Buses in Barbie colours

This one was a bit of a challenge for me trying to narrow photos down the best I can as well as photographing Border Bus and Konect Bus is Great Yarmouth and Norwich as well as First group, I also photographed Buses in Lowestoft which was my main base for the trip. 

This post features some odd workings and Buses still in Barbie which feature alongside the Buses in the current Olympia colours and a E200 with a black front. 

The order for this post will be Buses from the Tuesday first and the last morning before coming home second. 

Gemini 37568 (AU58 ECJ) departing the Bus station. 

Swinging around the bend on a Single-Decker working of route X22 is E200 44531 (SN62 AZW).

The E200 I didn't photograph on my previous visit 44532 (SN62 DBO) also swings around the bend on the 103.

Still going in Barbie is Gemini 32629 (KP54 KAX).

Gemini 37563 (AU58 ECA) departs the Bus station on the X2.
Still the same with its black front is E200 44517 (YX09 ACY).

It always seems to be difficult to get a photo of Gemini 37579 (AU58 EDK) but I succeeded this time here it departs the Bus station. 

One of the Great Yarmouth Geminis departs on the 1. 

What was my Bus back on the day I went to Norwich, Gemini 37571 (AU58 ECV) departs the Bus station on the X2.

Another Gemini swings around the bend I believe it had not in service on the blinds I gather it was either on the X2 or X22.

It would be so bad to leave posh Buses out here is Excel E400 33821 (YX63 LKL) departing on the X1.

Another Excel E400 this time 33820 (YX63 LKK) arrives on the X1.

Also still in Barbie, is Gemini 37141 (SN57 HDA) here it swings around the bend. 

One of the ALX400s departs the Bus station on the 99. 
It was a really good week for photos last week.

Monday, 13 August 2018

The return to East Anglia part 2 Norwich

The City of Norwich is one of the places I visit every time I go to East Anglia for a holiday as there is plenty of operators in the city. Konect Bus fleet members were my main focus of the visit as that was the only place I could get to where they operate. It was also to try and photograph a few E200s which joined the Konect Bus fleet ages ago which came from other Go-Ahead group members. On that note, I proved successful in taking photos of the E200s I won't say old E200s as the 10 plate one isn't old it's a similar age to the Stagecoach ones in Hastings and the 2 in this post are both mini E200s or baby E200s.  

Previously with Thames Travel looking at the colours is a Konect E200 resting in Norwich City Centre.

Something older than the 10 plate is this E200 which wears a distinctive red livery is this example.

Yellow line is added to the collection of the coloured lines I have photos of is of this Eclipse. 

No stranger to the camera in Norwich as I photographed it on my previous trip is this 636 (SN65 OAV) and it's off route again!

B9TL Gemini 2 36270 is seen on the 14. 

My previous Purple line photo was of a Trident President this time it's of a Volvo example with the same body.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

The return to East Anglia part 1 Great Yarmouth

Following my trip late May into the start of June this year I did another trip going to the same places. This time, I've decided to do it in a different order which isn't the same as my previous order. Buses featured in this post weren't featured in my other post back in June so there are some different Buses. The first post is Great Yarmouth pictures on a sunny Monday afternoon I revisited the area on the Friday however, the weather ruined the photos then.

Gemini 2 36186 (BN12 JYJ) is seen working the X1 service here it loads for the city of Norwich .

Still in full X1 branding after the Western side became the XL and the Eastern side remained as the X1 is Gemini 37573 AU58 ECX here it is on an X11 a route which uses the same Buses as the X1.

Photographed on the X11 is former demo Enviro400 33423 (SN60 CAA) the bus would become restricted to town routes temporarily later on in the week.

The oldest Gemini in the First Eastern Counties fleet at the start of the week.

One of the purposes of my trip was to get another photo of a Border Bus to join my photo of 107 (BB12 BUS) from the last visit here is older 105 (BB07 BUS).

Part 2 will be either Buses in Lowestoft or Norwich. 

Monday, 30 July 2018

5/5A just over a year on with recent photos

I created a series of posts highlighting the 5/5A when it was created to replace part of the 51 and many other posts including its first half of the year. We already know that the routes has no set allocation and anything could be allocated to it in one day.

A week ago marked 1 year since both routes were introduced and I have only decided that now is the time to write a post. This post features some of my up to date photos which were taken only this month.

The Buses featured are: 
27576 - route 5A
28606 - route 5
36904 - route 5A
36906 - route 5A
19650 - route 5
15505 - route 5
27581 - route 5
27580 - route 5A

E300 27576 (GX58 GKG) works route 5A.

Scania E300 28606 (GN61 EVK) on route 5.

Scruffy E200 36904 (GN13 HHV) route 5A this Bus is in desperate need of a respray.

E200 36906 (GN13 HHX) on the 5A.

Loop off route E400 19650 (SP60 DTN) on route 5.

Scania 15505 (GN09 BDE) works route 5.

E300 27581 (GX58 GKO) works route 5. 

E300 27580 (GX58 GKN) works route 5A this working is normally allocated an E200 during the school holidays. 

I tried to make the 5 and 5A have equal photos so used 4 each for both routes.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Buses in Hastings 2018

I do like visiting other places to capture their Buses despite seeing them in Eastbourne before. That was the case this week when I went to Hastings during this week for the day. I had a short amount of time which was 40 minutes to do just that and I was able to manage quite a few in that short space of time. Most of these in the photos were Buses that were new to Hastings with the exception of 27572 which was new to Eastbourne, 36898 which also was new to Eastbourne and E200 36123 which was new to the Kent section of the division. Those 3 Buses were involved in transfers between garages during a wide range of reshuffles that have occurred. 

I had only photographed this Bus the previous week on the Wave 99 ADL MMC 10701 (SN66 VVM) is seen on the Wave 100.

The last original style E200 built for Stagecoach regional companies has had a bit of a rough time judging by whats on the front. 37327 (YY15 OWR) is seen on the 22A the previous photos I took were of it on the 20.

One of the main allocation of the Wave 99 is seen leaving on an Eastbourne bound service.

This Bus started life at Eastbourne working the Loop until the Double-Decking took place in July last year. E200 36898 (GN13 HHO) is seen working route 26.

E200 36494 (GN12 CLF) started life branded for the Hastings Arrows but lost branding on a repaint gained.

New to Eastbourne, went to Dover for 2 years returned back to Eastbourne and transferred out again this year. E300 27572 (GX58 GKC) is seen departing.

Part of the programme earlier this year was to give the Hastings 09 reg Scanias well most of them a repaint. 15489 (GN09 BBJ) is seen departing the station also to note that it only has its logo on the front and not the sides.

One of 4 8 year old E200s in the South East and one of a few Buses to carry a slightly modified livery is E200 36123 (GN10 JCZ) is seen leaving on the 26A.

Monday, 23 July 2018

What a year for the Loop

On this day last year, the Loop converted to Double-Deckers using E400s which had worked the 1/1A. There have been a few odd workings for example Loops not on the Loop and most of the 5 selected Loops that are featured, are on other routes however, each of the branded E400s, were 1 of 8 to carry the branding. The style of the branding didn't change to what the E200s which were on the route previously and the E400s have the pink front and Loop vinyl's on the rear and the sides. 

When the route converted, there were 7 E400s branded up for it (19648/9, 19650/1/3/5/9) the 8th would eventually be 19652. However, Doubles haven't always been available and the odd Single-Decker would appear on it sometimes mainly the Single when there is one on it, is an E300 either ADL or Scania. 
Single-Deckers still appear on the route when there isn't enough Doubles as demonstrated by E300 27574 (GX58 GKE) on the Anti-Clockwise orbit recently.

Loop 19659 (OU60 CVA) is seen away from the Loop on route 5A.

19653 (SP60 DPV) is seen appearing on its former route the 1/1A.

19650 (SP60 DTN) is seen taking an outing on route 5.

One on the Loop 19652 (SP60 DPU) is seen on the Anti-Clockwise orbit.

19655 (SP60 DPY) is seen on the clockwise orbit.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Odd workings from the past few weeks

If I was to summarise odd workings, I would say interesting depending on the Bus on it, something different to the normal allocation and worthy of a photograph depending on Bus bodywork. E200s on routes like the 54, 98 and Wave as well as Deckers on the 5 series are featured. The Deckers on the 5 series are workings which are meant to be Singles which has been quite regular lately. All Buses are captured in full sun because I pick the best time of day when it's sunny to take photos.

Seen on a Scania E300 working of route 54, is E200 36907 (GN13 HHY) the Bus was new to the Eastbourne Loop and was moved onto other services once the Loop converted to Doubles last summer.
Could this soon mean the end of Darts and E200s on this particular working? There has been a huge presence of Deckers on this working of route 5 recently 15545 (GN59 EWU) is seen on the route.

Seen on a normally Dart working of route 5A is Scania 15546 (GN59 EWV).

Unbranded ADL E400 19668 (SP60 DTO) is seen on the same working as what 15545 was.

E200 36507 (GN12 CMV) is seen on the 98 normally worked by a Dart the Bus was new to the Hastings Arrows however, a few have since lost branding like 36507.

Also new to the Hastings Arrows is 36490 (GN12 CKU) this was another to lose branding on repaint is seen on the Wave 99 maybe due to the lack of Scania MMCs? I think so!

 E400 19654 (SP60 DPX) is seen working an odd working of the 5A instead of the normal Single.