Saturday, 27 August 2016

Does route branding actually work?

Route branding identifies the routes which the Buses are meant to be operated on for example a Loop branded Enviro200 should work the Eastbourne Loop or a E40D branded for the "One" should be working the 1/1A. But sometimes they appear on other routes. That is the case down here Stagecoach put branded Buses on other routes a lot which means the branding really isn't working. 
The Pros:
They identify the route the Bus is meant to be on
The branding stands out using really bold colours
They hardly ever come off route (Loop, Wave 99 or Hastings Arrows)
The cons:
Some do other routes that they're not branded for
They appear off route a lot ("One" branded E40Ds)
Some shouldn't be branded for that route if they keep going on other routes
Here are some photos of Buses not on their allocated routes:

When a Loop isn't a Loop Eastbourne Loop branded 36907 (GN13 HHY) on the 3 I wanted a photo for sometime of one of these off route and finally got one!

When a Wave isn't a Wave Scania 15770 (GN61 EVT) before it looked stupid after being crashed and having a odd front light on the Eastbourne Loop

One of the Hastings Arrows Enviro200s 36489 (GN12 CKP) off route working the 98

These appear off route quite a lot Eventhough they're branded for the 1/1A Ex Tayway 73 E40D 19653 (SP60 DPV) on the 51/251/252
 Now here is a branded Bus that is actually on its allocated routes 37327 (YY15 OWR) on Hastings Arrows route 20.
Route branding works really well on Hastings Arrows Enviro200 37327 (YY15 OWR) it is seen on its allocated route the Hastings Arrows.
My conclusion:

Route branding works most of the time so route branding actually works on some Buses but not on others.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

My trip to Hastings


After waiting until at least 14:00 because we were doing other things, I finally managed to get to the Bus Station at Hastings to take some photos of Buses after they have reversed out of their bays. I took over 30 and not even half of them were good but I'm sharing my best ones on the blog.
My 99 to Hastings was 15775 (GN61 EVY) and I was actually surprised that quite an few people stayed onboard all the way to Hastings from Eastbourne. After trailing around boring places I finally got what I was after Buses. I also got a photo of a Ex Stagecoach in Eastbourne Bus and one of a current Stagecoach in Eastbourne Bus. The current Stagecoach in Eastbourne Bus replaced one of the Trident ALX400s that I've got a photo of on this post.
Stagecoach in Eastbourne 15544 (GN59 EWT) filling in for 15771 on the 99 shame those blinds didn't come out

Stagecoach in Hastings Ex Magic Bus 17639 (W639 RND) on a short 98 shame the blinds didn't come out

The last MEV standing in East Sussex 17106 (V106 MEV) on the 28

Really detailed branding I really like the Hastings Arrows branding but here is 36502 (GN12 CME) on Arrows route 22A

First day in service Ex Magic Bus 17663 (V163 DFT) is seen on the Hastings Arrows

Brought in on loan for extras on the 99 last week 19059 (MX56 FSK) is seen on the Arrows

Another Double on the Arrows 17624 (V624 DJA) is seen on the 20A

Folkestones 18172 (GX54 DVP) is seen on the 100 this used to be at Eastbourne but sadly was kicked out by Scania 15544 (GN59 EWT)

According to a few enthusiasts this Trident is an attention seeker wonder why it wants to be noticed but 18165 (GX54 DVH) is seen on the 2 heading to Tenterden for connections to Ashford

Shame those blinds didn't come out again but here is 36488 (GN12 CKO) seen on the Arrows

The last Enviro200 with the old body built for Stagecoach 37327 (YY15 OWR) is seen on the Arrows
 After about half an hour photographing Buses it was time to go back to Eastbourne wish I got longer oh well never mind I got some decent photos in that short space of time.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

An year since the first 60 reg entered service


It's nearly coming up to an year since the first Ex Tayway Enviro400s entered service time does fly by so fast! I remember they entered service still in Tayway 73 branding or were looking sorry for themselves by looking really scruffy. Earlier this year the whole batch were branded for the 1 to convert the 1/1A to Double Deck operation but have appeared off route quite an bit allowing some of the Single Deckers onto the routes. This post focuses on the first batch (19648/9, 19650/1/2/3). Don't want to make this really wordy as I want to focus on the main post.
The first one I ever saw in service 19648 (SP60 DTF) seen on the 1A in the late winter sunshine

This is another of the first ones that entered service 19649 (SP60 DTK) also seen in the late winter sun on the 1

Later on in the year 19650 (SP60 DTN) is seen in the Summer sun appearing on the Eastbourne Loop this first entered service still in Tayway 73 branding.

19651 (SP60 DPO) is seen last month on an really rare working and I sadly didn't get the blinds in.

The first one I went on in service and it still had Tayway 73 branding when it first entered service 19652 (SP60 DPU) seen on the 1A.
 The last photo shows 19653 off route making an appearance on the 51/251/252 recently as the photo was taken earlier this week.
They are known to appear off route quite an bit and this one first entered service rather scruffy and was still partly branded I can remember 19653 (SP60 DPV) seen on the 51/251/252