Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Trident returns

I didn't think I was going to say this but more Tridents have returned to the South Coast which was so unexpected and surprising. More possible YouTube recordings are on the horizon as they're a different type of bus to what I normally record as I mainly record E300s and Scanias. 

These Tridents that have joined the fleet are from the GX54 batch which they had 3 years ago but not these ones though. One carries a private XIL registration but was originally a GX54 the other 2 carry their original registration marks. The Tridents also carry flip dot screens which are easier to photograph than the normal orange LED screens as flip dot screens come out easier. 

The first example is 18160 it entered service with its screen not working or programmed so carried a paper route number on its first day it now has a working screen.

Trident 18160 with a paper route number as the screen wasn't working here it is on the 1A
 Now for 18161 which like 18160 also carries its original registration mark here it is working route 5.
Trident 18161 is seen on an odd working of route 5 it had replaced an E200 
 Finally onto 18163 this one has a private registration mark here it is working route 1.
18163 works route 1 
These are meant to be kept on town routes only but knowing what strange allocations there have been the past week, then they could go out further.