Thursday, 21 July 2016

An really smart looking Open - Top Trident


Not much going on in the Bus scene this week but I would like to bring something an bit different to do with Open - Top Tridents with 17528/9 full Open - Toppers in an special livery for an new Open - Top route in East Kent. I thought I would turn to the Seaford and District Open - Top Trident with it retaining its front windows Fleet Number TA6 SFZ 767 (V306 KGW) was brought for the Eastbourne tours earlier this year, and has been converted into an Open - Topper with an conversion to Single Door layout as this Bus started life in London. Seaford and District have another Open - Topper this time partial Open - Topper TA9 (V309 KGW) which has also been converted to Single Door Layout and has been made DDA compliment but I'm focusing on TA6 for this post.
As with all the Buses they have for the tours TA6 is very smart and impressive. This time Seaford and District have kept the livery the same as on their other Buses but they have had branding applied matching the livery to show that they are for ESS. Also additions have included the British flag and some seagulls being applied.
Now onto the pictures:
TA6 loads for another round on the tours while 819 waits in the wings

My best photo so far of TA6 sees it departing the pier on another tour
 What are my impressions on TA6? Well it looks good and stands out and looks in good condition outside for it's age. I think it's really smart and an exceptional standard of finish as well which makes it look fantastic. It may have some problems and has had to be covered on the tours before due to the problems. Back on the good side it's an ALX400 bodied Trident and it looks like it's watching you.
After getting really hot Trident 819 replaced TA6 so TA6 could cool down the boot lid and side flap were all open and
I thought it had broken down but the manager said it was getting hot.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

An couple days of Singles on the 51/251/252 and 51/55/54 whilst Doubles worked the Loop over them few days.

How often do Buses swap routes due to certain circumstances? Last week on Wednesday 6th July and Thursday 7th July 2016 due to low trees on the 51/251/252 route Doubles weren't allowed on the 51/251/252 and 51/55/54 and whilst they were being cut the 51/251/252 and 51/55/54 could only be operated by Single - Deckers over the 2 days. This was due to some of the Doubles getting damaged by the low trees.
Meanwhile the Singles swapped onto the 51/251/252 and 51/55/54 on the scheduled Double - Decker workings. Whilst for the Doubles loads appeared on the Eastbourne Loop filling in for most of the routes allocation of Enviro200s whilst they were doing the 51/251/252 and 51/55/54. One day there was 7 Double - Deckers on the Loop joined by 3 Enviro200s whilst on the other day the Loops allocation for the day was almost fully Double - Decker apart from one Enviro200 which worked the route. One side was 100% Double whilst on the other side it was 80% Double the other 20% being the Enviro200.
Photos Double - Deck Eastbourne Loops:
Enviro400 19049 (MX56 FRU) filling in for an Enviro200 on the Loop on the Wednesday

Scania Enviro400 15546 (GN59 EWV) filling in for an Enviro200 on the Loop also on the Wednesday (This is the best one out of all the GN59s in Sussex)

Route branding doesn't work sometimes as the Enviro400s branded for the 1/1A appear on other routes quite an bit demonstrated by 19650 (SP60 DTN) appearing on the Eastbourne Loop filling in for an Enviro200.
 Photos Single - Deck 51/251/252s and 51/55/54s: 
One of the Enviro200s mainly found on the Eastbourne Loop 36898 (GN13 HHO) filling in for an Double on the 51/251/252 on the Wednesday.

Loop Bus off route! Enviro200 Eastbourne Loop branded Enviro200 36906 (GN13 HHX) appearing on the 51/251/252 on the Thursday this working is actually meant to be an Single Decker (Scania Enviro300).

Normal for the 51/251/252 but however on the Wednesday Scania Enviro300 28606 (GN61 EVK) appearing on the 55 on the 51/55/54 working that is scheduled to be an Double - Decker.
On Friday the 8th of July the Doubles were allowed on the 51/251/252 again and 51/55/54 whilst the Enviro200s allocated to the Loop started appearing on the route again. I really enjoyed all those Doubles as that got me off the Enviro200s for an short period of time.