Monday, 16 October 2017

Routes 5/5A nearly 3 months on

It is approaching the 3 month anniversary of new routes 5 and 5A which were formed since the 51 was cut back to the town centre. I remember bringing a post on it when it started featuring some of the Buses to work the routes in the first 2 weeks. Here is some photos from August this year all the way through to recently. Not all photos are featured I've selected the ones I felt were my best photos of the route.
Scania 28609 (GN61 EVP) picks up for a round of route 5

One of my very first photos sees former Loop branded E200 36908 (GN13 HHZ) on a 5A

E200 36900 (GN13 HHR) picks up for a 5A in its last day of service for Eastbourne garage. The Bus would be transferred the next day

They have been here for around a month and a half, but these E300s have appeared on the route a few times here is 27575 (GX58 GKF) working the 5A

E200 36902 (GN13 HHT) also former Loop picks up for a route 5 trip

Doubles get used on the route as well not just Singles Scania 15543 (GN59 EWS) works the 5A.

Another Scania now here we have 28608 (GN61 EVM) working a 5A having just come off the 56
A small selection of handpicked photos of the 2 routes and I will continue to photograph both of the routes.