Friday, 20 May 2016

The latest News in the South and South East

Sorry that I haven't been writing posts recently it's just that I ran out of ideas I can now bring you the latest South and South East news.

Stagecoach South East:
Quite a few to note. The last 60 reg Enviro400s have now been branded for the "One" This was delayed because I didn't have any decent photos of one but I have now. Other notes to note is the most recent repaints. Some of the Tridents have had a repaint before transfer and also other repaints have been done on Enviro400 19019 (MX06 XAU) and Scania Enviro300 28608 (GN61 EVM). 28608 has been repainted with more white around the windows replacing the black and has gained a white bit inbetween the front lights like 28606 (GN61 EVK).

Away from the repaints Eastbournes and Hastings recently transferred Ex Breeze Scania Enviro400s have all entered service. Other transfers include more Magic Bus Tridents including one at Hastings with the original seat cushions. That is 17639 (W639 RND) which was transferred from Dover with Enviro400 19016 (MX06 XAR) going the other way and Similar 17627 (W627 RND) from Thanet. Also other transfers to Hastings were Super Pointer Dart 33176 and Solo 47174 both from Ashford and Folkestone.
Recently transferred to Hastings from Thanet 15500 (GN09 BCU) seen on the Wave 99

Stagecoach in Eastbourne 19650 (SP60 DTN) showing off it's one branding

Recently transferred Magic Bus Trident 17639 (W639 RND) resting after completing the 98

Recently transferred to Eastbourne from Thanet is Ex Breeze Scania Enviro400 15503 (GN09 BCY) on the 56
A few things have happened here the former Route 1 Geminis are all being repainted into the new Regency branding. As they are getting Dual Door StreetDecks to replace them. Also the last weekend in April saw the 13X start running on Saturdays as well as Sundays. Also B9TL 487 (BJ63 UJR) has received an all over green ad for Home Sense.
B9TL 487 (BJ63 UJR) seen on the Coaster in its all over ad for Home Sense
Route 6 branded B9TL 402 (BJ11 XHB) on the 13X
Compass Bus:
Not much to report for Compass Bus but they have acquired some Ex Arriva London Pulsar Geminis to replace their Tridents. The Geminis are registered LJ05 BNK and LJ05 GLV. Also Compass have got 2 new Enviro200s registered  SN16 OGS and SN16 OCV that have replaced some Solos that were sold and were replaced by the Enviro200s noted above.