Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Photos of the month September 2015

Good evening, this is a new installment I'm doing on the blog at the end off each month and it is my photos of the month. I have loads of good photos but to save time I've selected a few that I really like of most of the types of buses in the area a few exceptions on some buses that I haven't got good enough pictures off or none at all.

As you can see the Single Deckers are before the Double Deckers. I will try to keep this wording as short as possible.
Stagecoach Eastbourne Pointer Dart 34697 PX05 EMF
It goes by the nickname to me as the Evil Scania 28607 GN61 EVL

It's Dizzy the ADL E300 with the TransBus body a recent transfer from Dover 27523 GX06 DZE

Although this is one of the Enviro200s I hate it is one of my best pictures of one 36906 GN13 HHX

Here shows a Scania Enviro400 in Wave 99 branding 15774 GN61 EVX

Another recent transfer is former Tayway 73 Trident 2 Enviro400 19654 SP60 DPX

Trident ALX400 18528 GX06 DYS
SAlso to point out the SP60 Enviro400s are Trident 2s not E40Ds because E40Ds were introduced in 2012 and the SP60s were new in 2010.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Showbus 2015

Yesterday was Showbus a really big bus and coach display and rally it was held at Woburn Abbey.

Sadly,due to the distance I was unable to attend but some of my blog contributors did attend and they have let me use some of their pictures. I have used them with Credit going to their owners and they remain copyright to them. From what I have seen in pictures loads of buses and coaches were in attendance. 

I have always wanted to put pictures on the blog of the Spirit of London and thanks to my contributors I have been able to now. Some people don't know what the Spirit of London means and I'm a proud owner of a Spirit of London badge I got from visions. The Spirit of London is a Enviro400 which is with Stagecoach London and is registered LX55 HGC with a fleet number of 19000. The first picture on here is a Plaxton President which was new in 2000 and has a W plate.
A W plate Plaxton President with Red Rose Fleetnames Copyright Harry P

Stagecoach Enviro400 19000 ' Spirit of London ' Copyright Harry H

Spirit again Copyright Harry H
 The next picture is of Enviro200 with Thamesdown 106 MX13 BBV I'm a bit unsure on the livery though.
Thamesdown Enviro200 106 MX13 BBV Copyright Harry H
 Now onto some more Presidents that attended First Essex LT52 XAB I have seen a picture of this President in Buses magazine and DAF ALX400s that used to be with Arriva the DAF is DLA 147. Also one of Ipswich Buses Presidents 24 SN51 AXO.
DLA147 Copyright Harry P

President LT52 XAB copyright Harry H

Ipswich Buses 24 SN51 AXO Copyright Harry H
 Now onto some First interest with Gemini 46 KP54 AZL and Enviro400 33808 YX63 LJO.
KP54 AZL Copyright Harry H

X1 branded Enviro400 YX63 LJO Copyright Harry H
I would like to thank Harry P and Harry H for letting me use their photos it has been a real pleasure using them and that rounds off the blog.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Double Deckers on the Loop

This may be a bit weird for a blog post but I will do it anyway. There have been some odd workings on the Eastbourne Loop recently in the form of Double Deckers. The Eastbourne Loop is meant to be Enviro200s but quite recently the Double Deckers have started working it in the form of ALX400s and Enviro400s. Most of the pictures I have for you are some of the Double Deckers in action on the Eastbourne Loop.


Enviro400s have been working the Loop ( 19651, 19655 and 19656 ) recently the majority of Enviro400s that have appeared on it are the Ex-Tayway 73 Enviro400s. Because of MMCs in Scotland on the route and later on they were with Sheffield before Transferring to Eastbourne. 19656 ( SP60 DPZ ) is photographed below in Hampden Park.
Enviro400 19656 ( SP60 DPZ ) in Hampden Park

A few ALX400s have also been appearing on the Loop recently 18173 ( GX54 DVR ) has been on the Eastbourne Loop quite a bit recently. The 2 pictures below are of 18172 ( GX54 DVP ) the ALX400 after that picture is Ex-London 17528 ( LX51 FOM )
Trident ALX400 18172 ( GX54 DVP ) on the Loop

A rear of 18172 ( GX54 DVP ) on the Loop

17528 ( LX51 FOM ) on the Loop
 Here is one of the Loops allocation Enviro200 36901 ( GN13 HHS ) seeing as Double Deckers have been working the Loop quite a bit recently it has allowed some of the Enviro200s to work different routes here is 36901 on the 1A below.
Enviro200 36901 ( GN13 HHS ) on the 1A

Thursday, 3 September 2015

TransBus Enviro300s in service and more SP60 Enviro400s in service

On Tuesday I went out to see how all the recent transfers in the Stagecoach Eastbourne Fleet were getting on in service. The Buses I'm referring to are the TransBus Enviro300s and the SP60 Enviro400s. There are now thought to be 4 or 5 06 plate Enviro300s in service. Not only did I photograph 27521 ( GX06 DZC ) I also managed to board it as well. It is one of the best Enviro300s I have been on and the bell sounds a lot different to any other Enviro300 I have been on these have come from Dover in exchange for the 58 plate Enviro300s which have gone to Dover. As I'm writing this 3 58 plate Enviro300s remain in the Eastbourne Fleet for now they are 27580/1/2 ( GX58 GKN/O/P ) it is unknown when they will be going.
TransBus Enviro300 27521 ( GX06 DZC ) in the rain on the 1
 I have also found out that 2 more SP60 Enviro400s transferred in last weekend are already in service they are 19662 ( SP60 DRX ) and 19668 ( SP60 DTO ) there are also 3 more as well. 19662 and 19668 are both unbranded the other 3 that transferred in over the weekend are still in branding from what I have seen in pictures both were photographed on the 1A.
Enviro400 19668 ( SP60 DTO ) on the 1A
Enviro400 19662 ( SP60 DRX ) on the 1A
The Stagecoach Eastbourne Fleet has had some changes made to it the GX58 Enviro300s and most of the MANS will be going and TransBus Enviro300s and SP60 Enviro400s joined the fleet.