Sunday, 28 June 2015

Compass Bus 62 and 13 plate Enviro200s recent photos and something a little extra

You may remember that I published a post on the Compass Bus 62 and 13 plate Enviro200s on 20/4/15 about them getting sold. Well they haven't been sold and they still remain with Compass Bus all they have lost is the Rider on the side of them. I can now bring you some recent pics of these good looking Compass Buses. All the recent pics I have taken are them on the 125 and 143.

Now onto the photos:
Enviro200 GX62 CMU working the 125 20/6/15

Enviro200 GX13 FSL on the 143 17/6/15

Enviro200 GX13 FSU on the 125 13/6/15
 Now onto some Stagecoach news Wave 99 branded Scania Enviro400 15779 ( GN61 EWD ) has become VOR for the first time today after it broke down on the 99 I made this picture below using one of my photos from my tablet of 15779 and text.
15779 now VOR says the picture of 15779

Friday, 26 June 2015

Double Decker Wrights ( Not including Streetdeck )

Welcome to a Post on Double Decker Wrights ( Not including the Streetdeck with new front and Borismaster ). In this post I will be displaying pictures of different Gemini bodies and if I can when production ended with that particular body.

The first edition Gemini was introduced in 2001 the earlier models had a different back however the later ones had backs the same as the Gemini 2 did. Production ended in 2009 when the second one was introduced pictured below is First Lowestoft Gemini 37571 AU58 ECV.
Displaying the first edition Gemini body is First Lowestoft 37571 AU58 ECV
 The Second edition Gemini the Gemini 2 was introduced in 2009 after the first edition Gemini it was a more modern version of the first edition Gemini. Production was shorter than the first edition Gemini only lasting for 4 years and ending in 2013 with the introduction of the Gemini 3 in late 2013. Brighton and Hove have a large number of Gemini 2s and my example of a Gemini 2 is a Brighton and Hove one. The Gemini 2 is Route 5 branded 474 ( BJ63 UJB ) on the 13X.
The second edition Gemini body is shown on Brighton and Hove 474 BJ63 UJB
 The Gemini 3 was introduced in 2013 and it is even more better than the Gemini 2 but I still like the Gemini 2 though. There hasn't been much opportunities for me to get photos of them because none are in my area. The photo I have of a Gemini 3 for you is of Silver demonstrator SN64 CTU which was on trial with Brighton and Hove earlier this year. It is a Streetdeck with a ' classic ' front and not the new front but it has Gemini 3 bodywork it had a temporary fleet number of 8888.
The Gemini 3 body is shown on demonstrator SN64 CTU pictured earlier this year on trials with Brighton and Hove
There are a few more posts coming up on the blog including my trip to Brighton that I went on earlier this week.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Rare Workings Week Beginning 8/8/15

As some of you will know I have been stuck for ideas on what to write about in the blog. I came up with a idea only today of some of the rare workings I saw last week I saw more but these ones were even rarer. I have a mixture of photos of Buses not on their allocated routes.

Now onto my photos:
The first couple of photos are of TransBus Trident/ALX400 18172 ( GX54 DVP ) working on the normally MAN operated route 54 between Eastbourne and Uckfield.

Trident 18172 ( GX54 DVP ) at the end of its journey on the 54

Here is 18172 ( GX54 DVP ) on the 54 this time starting its journey
 Now onto Enviro200 36899 ( GN13 HHP ) this worked the mainly Double Decker operated route 51 and is about to pick up passengers.
Enviro200 36899 ( GN13 HHP ) on the 51
 Now onto another TransBus Trident/ALX400 18173 ( GX54 DVR ) is seen on the normally Solo operated route 3 I only saw a Double Decker once on it before and that was 18174 ( GX54 DVT ) back in January this year it is seen loading.
TransBus Trident ( GX54 DVR ) on the 3

A rear shot of 18173 ( GX54 DVR ) on the 3
 Finally a more older Bus to show you Sussex Bus MK1 Dart SLF P268 FPK worked on the Enviro300 operated Thursday service the EB1 I narrowly missed it earlier on in the day but I delayed going back home just to get a photo of it.
MK1 Dart SLF P268 FPK working the EB1
There were also some other rare workings I will mention that I didn't get a good photo of last week and it was Trident/ALX400 18530 ( GX06 DYU ) on the 55 and Trident/ALX400 17623 ( V623 DJA ) on the 99 but it terminated and was replaced by Scania 15777 ( GN61 EWB ). I also have a picture of a Compass Dart on the 143
Compass Dart working the 143

Thursday, 11 June 2015

33423 Own Pics

One of my earlier Posts was pics of Ex-Demonstrator 33423 ( SN60 CAA ) from other people but I have decided to do a post using my own pictures of it that I took when I was away a few weeks ago It will soon be getting repainted into the X1 Colours but hopefully it will keep its Tints I would like to say sorry for the reflections of buildings and other Buses ruining the photos but at least the whole Bus was still in it though. 

Now onto the pics all the photos I have taken of it were taken at Lowestoft Bus Station where buildings can easily ruin the photos.

33423 ( SN60 CAA ) on the X1 with a horrible driver

A rear shot now don't the tints look stunning

33423 on the X1 again this is a lot better than any of the ones here 

33423 near 33819 

33423 near 2 Geminis one on the X1 and the other the X2

Approaching Lowestoft Bus Station from Great Yarmouith 
I won't be seeing this Bus until next year and this time next year it will be in X1 Colours.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Trip to Lowestoft Part 2

Last week I went away to Lowestoft for a few days and observed the Buses that operate there the wording isn't going to be as much as the last post was but I will try and keep this one Short as Possible.

My first image is of X1 Excel Branded Enviro400 33823 ( YX63 LKN ) I went on this bus during my stay the image after that I have got for you is Yarmouth Based Gemini 37577 ( AU58 EDF ) I also went on this bus as well and when I was on it faulted and had to return to the Bus Station to get fixed but it didn't break again after it was repaired.

  Rear of Enviro400 33823 YX63 LKN
Gemini 37577 AU58 EDF on the 1
 Now onto the Gas Buses:
Gas Bus WX62 HHF on Anglian 61
 Now onto their last Enviro200s:
Enviro200 DK57 SXF on what appears to be the 101
 A couple of Slimbuses for you now:
Slimbus on the 99 to Kessingland

Slimbus on the 123 
 Now onto my favourite Bus ever former Demonstrator 33423 ( SN60 CAA ).
Doesn't she look stunning 33423 SN60 CAA on the X1
 Something louder for you now Volvo ALX400s are a lot louder than Tridents.
Noisy ALX400 on the X2
 Now onto Anglians Enviro200 demonstrator YW14 FHS this was meant to be a loan for a few weeks but turned out to be long term loan here it is seen on the 60 to Beccles for Halesworth.
Enviro200 YW14 FHS on the 60
 Now onto another X1 branded Enviro400 33821 ( YX63 LKL). Now onto the 4 buses I went on and the route it operate:
 33819 ( YX63 LKJ ) X1 
33820 ( YX63 LKK ) X1
37577 ( AU58 EDF ) X1
33823 ( YX63 LKN ) X1
Enviro400 33821  YX63 LKL on the X1 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Trip to Lowestoft Part 1

Last Week I spent the week in Lowestoft with my Nan and Grandad it wasn't just spending time with them during the course of the week I also observed the Local Bus Operations up there as well by heading down to Lowestoft Bus Station with my tablet and mobile phone to take pictures of some of the Buses. 

First we have X1 branded Gemini 37573 AU58 ECX this Bus was damaged and out of action for a few months. Orginally another Gemini was going to be repainted into X1 Colours but the decision was made for 37573 to go into the X1 Colours and not the original Gemini as planned. 

Gemini AU58 ECX leaving on the X1
 Next we have a Anglian Scania Omnilink with hard seats on the 61 it carries the registration of AN61 BUS.
Omnilink AN61 BUS on the 61
 Then we have EX Demonstrator 33423 SN60 CAA on the X1 this is also due to be repainted at some stage as well.
Enviro400 33423 SN60 CAA on the X1
 Now we have a rear of Gemini 37573 AU58 ECX
 Now we have other X1 branded Gemini 37578 AU58 EDJ
AU58 EDJ on the X1
 Now onto some more Geminis:
First Lowestoft based Gemini 37571 AU58 ECV

 Now onto an X1 branded Enviro400:
X1 Excel Enviro400 33823 YX63 LKN out of service was my bus back  on Friday
 Finally onto another Gemini based at Lowestoft:
AU58 ECC on the X2
These are just some of the pics I'm going to show you Part 2 will be up either this week or next week.