Sunday, 15 April 2018

A week of odd workings as well as the replacement for the Beach Bus

Who would of thought there would be so many Buses on odd workings in one week I was surprised with how many odd workings showed up. However, I was sadly unable to photograph them all which is a shame but I did manage to capture some. This post isn't just about odd workings as the Beach Bus and South Downs Bus which were regular performers on the Coaster have now been replaced by 2 Geminis in standard livery. 

Lets start with Single-Deckers: E300s 27580 (GX58 GKN) and 27582 (GX58 GKP) made appearances on the 56/5A/5 which are workings that are meant to be E200s during the holidays. 

Beast of a Bus the 56/5A/5 had a few appearances made by the GX58 batch of ADL E300s with one of 2 sighted appearances made. 27580 (GX58 GKN) is normally found on the 1/1A but took an outing on the 56/5A/5 a really odd working.

The second sighted appearance of a GX58 later on in the week was made by E300 27582 (GX58 GKP) known to me as the white moustache Bus it works a 5A.
 Meanwhile, it was interesting on the Double-Decker front with 09 plate Scanias appearing on the Wave 99 a route which is meant to be operated by Scania MMCs. This probably was due to the lack of MMCs available for the service 2 older Scanias appeared on it 15503 (GN09 BCY) and 15489 the latter still hasn't gone off for paint. 15503 is a loan to provide repaint cover for Hastings 09 reg Scanias. Another interesting thing was the fact that 3 Loop branded E400s appeared on the 1/1A the other day this led to 2 unbranded ADLs and one Scania E400 on the Loop. 19650/3/9 were on it in one day something in the way prevented me from getting photos of 2 of them. However, I did managed to capture one of them which is something. 
I've been trying to capture Eastbourne Scanias on loan to Hastings to provide repaint cover for their fleet of GN09s former Breeze 15503 (GN09 BCY) is seen on the Wave 99 covering for one of the MMCs another one was also on the service. 

It's a Loop on the 1 Loop branded E400 19653 (SP60 DPV) loads for its former service. 19650/9 were also on the service that particular day. 
 Elsewhere away from odd workings saw Brighton&Hove Geminis (Beach Bus 489 BJ63 UJT and South Downs Bus 490 BJ63 UJU) move homes so I will no longer be seeing them however, old 5 Geminis 477 (BJ63 UJE) and 478 (BJ63 UJF) replaced them. The good thing is that they are different Buses for me to photograph. 
Brighton&Hove Gemini 2 477 (BJ63 UJE) is seen on the 12A this replaced the Beach Bus.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Tribute to some of the Bus interchange

Due to the building work, part of the Bus interchange has to be handed over to the builders resulting in Bus stop movements to a place which isn't good for photos as there is loads of other traffic on that road. Here are a selection of photos I've managed to capture of the Bus types in service or are declining rapidly. The original style E300s have been declining so fast as of recently it's only been 27522 in service this is due to the type being withdrawn from service to become trainers their replacements being the GX58s which alongside some Doubles, replaced them on the 1/1A.
The Buses featured are 27523, 15506, 36122, 27571, 489, 19655, 28607 and 15331.

This was my last ever photo of original style E300 27523 (GX06 DZE) it was used in service for a bit and it was then withdrawn here it is at stop K on the 1A.

Scania E400s on the 51/251/252 worked from stop H like 15506 (GN09 BDF) photographed on the route earlier this week.

My E200 example isn't an E20D but these later variants of  Euro 4 E200 Darts sound very similar to the Euro 5s. The 98 also went from stop H Hastings based 36122 (GN10 JCY) works the service.

These replaced the original style E300s 27571 (GX58 GKA) works the 1/1A at stop K it's a shame the blind didn't come out.

My Brighton&Hove example sees the Beach Bus Gemini 2 489 (BJ63 UJT) work the 12A from stop J sadly, I won't be seeing this unless I go to Brighton as 489 and 490 have been replaced by standard liveried Geminis from the same batch.

L is for Loop and what a decision it was for the route to work from stop L. Loop branded E400 19655 (SP60 DPY) works the service it has been quite common for these to go off route.

Scania E300 28607 (GN61 EVL) also works a clockwise Loop from stop L. 

Whilst I've been unable to get MMCs on that side a poorly 15331 (YN67 YLD) waits for help.
I really hope this is temporary but I've done this incase it isn't temporary.