Friday, 15 June 2018

Some of the latest transfers

I returned from my little trip to East Anglia the day before there was another reshuffle of Buses down here in the South East. This reshuffle was because of some changes to Bus timetables in East Kent. I went out the Monday after the reshuffle took place and I was so surprised to see 2 Scanias which had joined the fleet the Sunday before from Ashford. The Buses are 15490/1 (GN09 BBK/O) Scanias which were new to the Breeze in 2009 and have been on their travels ever since to other garages. Their current home is right here in East Sussex and they work a range of different routes in East Sussex all the way to Tunbridge Wells on the 51/251/252.

Did any of the pair get a respray before arriving?
Yes 15491 was given a fresh new coat of paint before transfer you can make out that it doesn't have anything in the advert panels and it doesn't look tired and scruffy. 15490 however didn't get a new coat of paint and it looks a state the livery is scruffy and the logos are faded.

I have 2 photos of both Buses which I would like to share they form the start of a portfolio of both Buses. I'm yet to go on both Buses but hopefully I will be able to go on them soon.

1st day in service in East Sussex Scania 15491 (GN09 BBO) is seen on route 1.

A week later, 15491 (GN09 BBO) is seen again this time after finishing the 51.

Scania 15490 (GN09 BBK) is seen also on its first day in service in East Sussex.

Just over a week later, scruffy 15490 (GN09 BBK) is seen having finished route 54.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Southern England Bus enthusiast on tour part 3 Norwich

What a journey it was I went to seaside towns as well as a bustling city to photograph the Buses which operate in those areas. The final part of the series shows some of the Buses which operate in Norwich under many different operators. The operators I photographed in Norwich were First, Simmonds, Sanders and Konectbus. The Bus types include Geminis, MCVs, Presidents, East Lancs and Enviro400s. Every single one of these Buses I really needed and some of them were different operators for me to photograph.

My Bus to Norwich to see these Buses was B9 Gemini 37569 AU58 ECN on the X2 a really nice route. I really enjoyed the ride and it was worth it in the end once I saw all of the Buses in the Bus station and surrounding city centre streets.

Branded for the Turquoise line is Volvo B9TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 36171 (BD11 CFU).

One of the MCVs works a route 1 these Buses aren't British they are Egyptian.

Go-Ahead are the other big company in Norwich KonectBus ADL Enviro400 636 (SN65 OAV) works the 37 series it's off route as it's branded for route 5.

Sanders Coaches operate some East Lancs like this 55 reg example on the 55.

First Norwich operate Volvo and Trident Presidents one of the Trident examples is seen on the purple line.

Another one of the Sanders East Lancs this time an 03 reg is seen loading.

Ex Leeds B9TL/Gemini 2 36181 (BF12 KXU) is branded for the Charcoal line here it is resting before taking up a Charcoal line.

Some Konectbus E400s look a real state on their rear but not elsewhere like one of the 61 reg examples on the X6.
I hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Southern England Bus enthusiast on tour part 2 Great Yarmouth

This was the trip I took the least photos on as the main Bus Station was too dark for photos. My Bus there was Posh E400 33822 YX63 LKM on the X1 with its nice leather seats something the MMCs on the Wave 99 have as well but this is standard E400s and not the MMC version as the MMC version are down here. The Buses featured are First Group Buses and Border Bus as you can see, Border Bus are a different operator for me to photograph. 

Believed to be an Ex demo for First is Volvo B9TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini 37562 FJ08 FYN.
The X11 shares its allocation with the X1 and has ADL Enviro400s and Geminis on the service 33821 (YX63 LKL) now with no evidence that it's allocated to the X1, works the X11 I have to admit that these are better than the ADL E400s here. 

An operator only formed roughly 4 years ago is Border Bus and their fleet has continued to grow after starting with just one E200 and one route. A few more routes have followed for example the 146 and 580 E200 107 (BB12 BUS) is seen on the 580.
The final part of the series is Norwich and I have quite a few different photos including 3 Konect Buses in different liveries.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Southern England Bus enthusiast on tour part 1 Lowestoft

Last week I was away for a few days and as well as spending time with family, there was also time for some Bus photos. Throughout the course of the week, I visited Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth and Norwich. All 3 places will be split into 3 different parts the first part is photos of Buses in Lowestoft ,the second part being Great Yarmouth and the third and final part being Norwich. Lowestoft was my main place for last week as I spent more of the time there than in Great Yarmouth and Norwich. 

I was able to capture a range of Buses in Lowestoft which were ALX400 bodied Volvos, ADL E200s, Geminis with the first body, Gemini 2s and E400s.

Odd working! ALX400 30886 (W741 DWX) on route 106 a route which is normally operated by Singles. 

E200 44533 (SN62 DBV) one of 3 E200s recently transferred from First Berkshire to replace the Ex JPT E200s works the 101.

E200 44531 (SN62 AZW) was also transferred from First Berkshire which is also photographed on the 101.

One of the 58 reg Geminis departs the Bus station it was showing blinds, but they didn't come out.

Volvo B9TLs with Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 bodywork were transferred over from Leeds some time ago one of them is seen on the X1 a route which is allocated E400s and Geminis.

This Gemini didn't sound good 37570 (AU58 ECT) is seen not in service I gather it had just finished an X2 or X22.

Another Ex Leeds Gemini 2 also departs the Bus Station on the 1A which normally has Buses which are 10 years or older on it.

A rather scruffy E200 which is 44517 YX09 ACY works the 105 this used to be in Norwich on one of their routes but transferred over.

One of the Posh E400s departs the Bus station on its normal X1 route I have a photo of another one of these in Great Yarmouth on the X11.

Gemini 37574 (AU58 ECY) is seen departing on the X1.
My next post will be a smaller post as I didn't take that many photos in Great Yarmouth.