Friday, 2 November 2018

Buses on the hill main location now for photos

I am getting better at my photos of Buses moving so a hill in Eastbourne has been the main focus. The Bus has to be in the right place before pressing the button which allows you to take photos to avoid cutting parts of the Bus off. However, it's not always clear on the hill so I have to wait until it's clear and if a Bus is going down, then I could take the photo. Here are my hill photos from the past few weeks. 

Scania 15773 is seen going down the hill last week these are really good Buses

E300 27574 is seen working the 1A as it goes down the hill

Time for an odd working going down the hill as shown by E300 27580 working the 56 instead of the normal Scania E300 for that working

E300 27575 is seen going down the hill at the start of the week

Loop E400 19650 is also seen going down the hill

A rarity something that doesn't happen often is Double-Deckers on the 1X Scania 15771 is seen working the route this week

Scania 15503 is seen going down the hill this is one of my favourite Scanias

ADL E300 27582 is seen going down the hill this is my 3rd photo of it without the white moustache

A week later, 27574 is going down the hill again
Here is to many more hill photos.

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