Thursday, 6 September 2018

More Bus stop moves

April saw one side of Buses kicked out of Terminus and September saw the rest kicked out of Terminus. My story is a new challenge for photos of Buses in the town centre I've been unable to photograph the Doubles due to the trees and I have only been able to photograph the Singles in the new location. I wouldn't recommend the area for any photographs sadly, I'm stuck here because my parents won't let me out of the town when I want to leave the town to see Buses.

The best time to take the photos is when it's cloudy as the trees are an issue when it's sunny I have to hand pick the best time in which the trees wouldn't be an issue. Anyway, here is some of the photos of the Buses in the new location and a bit further down.
E200 36901 is seen working the 1X from the new stop.

The Buses sometimes go straight down to the next stop after the new stop E300 27574 shows how it's done.

The works have meant that the Buses have to stop further back in the next stop Scania E300 28606 does the honours.

Even the Wave isn't stopping properly this is because there was another Bus in the stop. 

One of the other allocation of 1X E200s is seen in the new location. 

A shadow from the trees prevented me from getting a photo in the new spot of the camera shy 27575 here it is a bit further down.

E300 27573 is also seen in the new location for Bus stops.
Hopefully the challenge won't be difficult.

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