Sunday, 6 May 2018

Loans and more loans Eastbourne helping Hastings out

A repaint programme has led to loans to provide cover this was the Hastings 09 reg repaint programme which saw their 09 reg Scanias getting a respray. This led to Eastbourne lending them a helping hand by sending their Buses over on loan to provide the cover. The Buses featured have all been loaned to Hastings so far this year which led to me capturing some of them. However, I've been unable to photograph them all during their stay so i'm going to be showing them 2 Buses before and after their loans all 4 are in order ranging from the first to the most recent loan.
The Scanias were:
 15546 (GN59 EWV)
15771 (GN61 EVU)
15503 (GN09 BCY)
15770 (GN61 EVT)

15546 (GN59 EWV) was the first of this years loans to Hastings I was unable to photograph it during its stay so here it is long after it returned.

I was lucky to capture this photo it shows old Wave Scania 15771 (GN61 EVU) on the 98 it was the second loan to them. Once it returned, it took its time to enter service down here again it was also my first photo of an Eastbourne Bus on the 98.

Old Breeze Scania 15503 (GN09 BCY) is seen on the Wave 99 during its spell on loan to Hastings covering for one of the MMCs.

The most recent loan to Hastings has been old Wave 99 Scania 15770 (GN61 EVT) seen just before its loan started on the 51 it went over after service in the evening to allow 15503 to return.

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