Friday, 15 December 2017

Debrands ahead of new Buses

It is always exciting when brand new Buses are expected shortly but there is time to go back to the Buses that they will be replacing. The Wave 99 the fastest Bus service between Eastbourne and Hastings is getting an upgrade from the current Scania N230UD E400s to N250UD E400 MMCs. Driver training has already begun at both Eastbourne and Hastings ahead of the conversion. 

I'm using this post to show some off the Scanias that have been debranded and how the soon to be extinct old style branding is still found on a few Buses. I still need to go on 15773 but time is running out fast. I want the whole batch done but is seems very unlikely.

Still carrying old style Wave style as of the date the photo was taken is 15776 (GN61 EWA) picking up for a Wave 99

The pair at Eastbourne 15770/1 (GN61 EVT/U) have both been debranded but appear on other routes more as they don't have a set route now as they have no 99 branding. The first to be debranded out of all of them 15771 (GN61 EVU) is seen having just finished a 51

15778 (GN61 EWC) was the second Scania to be debranded and repainted here it is ready to take on another 99

Another debrand this time my Bus to Hastings for the past 2 yearly trips 15775 (GN61 EVY) picks up for a Wave 99 

Also the one that used to have that stupid front light now a distant memory now it's plain is 15770 (GN61 EVT) is also seen on the 51
The new 99 branding on the brand new MMCs is exactly the same as the Wave 100/101/102 branding instead showing Eastbourne to Hastings and not Hastings to Dover.

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