Monday, 4 December 2017

More fleet transfers for East Sussex

There has been quite a few transfers within Stagecoach South East recently. Buses being withdrawn from service and transfers from elsewhere within the divison. These transfers have been taking place on a Sunday as not as many Buses are needed they include:
DO - EE (27580/2)
EE-HS (15543)

I'm showing these below as there has been more transfers but they're Buses that I refuse to photograph.

After being at Dover for 2 years E300 27580 (GX58 GKN) is back at the garage it was new to here is 27580 on the 54

The white moustache Bus is also back after 2 years at Dover E300 27582 (GX58 GKP) picks up for a 1A
 Now for a Bus that has left Eastbourne and has transferred to Hastings. Only recently it was working EE routes but not anymore. 15543 can now be working Hastings route like the 98/99, Hastings workings of the 2 and possibly Hastings workings of the MMC route 100/101/102 as well as Hastings locals. 
At first I was confused when I saw this from a Bus. I was like Eastbourne don't do a 99 at this time into Eastbourne but what I saw was a Hastings blind up instead. So I went into the town centre just to get a photo Ex-Eastbourne 15543 (GN59 EWS) works the Wave 99.
All these transfers are happening way before the new MMCs for the Wave 99 enter service there will be more transfers then with most of the current allocation of 61 plate Scania E400s rumoured to be transferring to Herne Bay. I believe that unbranded Scanias many in which are older than the 99s allocation are filling in for the Wave 99 Scanias getting debranded and repainted.

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