Friday, 2 March 2018

Buses in the coldest week

It is so surprising how many people interested in Buses from what I've seen on Facebook have braved the freezing cold temperatures to do what they like doing. I was also brave enough to take on the "Beast from the East" despite it being really cold to take some Bus photos. I managed to get quite a few despite fearing that I wouldn't be able to get that many due to the weather.

Buses photographed 26/2/18:
Buses photographed 28/2/18:
It comes from the best batch of ADL E300s the GX58s 27581 (GX58 GKO) it has to look the best with its replacement seat cushions and the new livery is seen on the front it's seen on the 1A

E400 19662 (SP60 DRX) works the Loop

A screaming heap of a Bus E200 36901 (GN13 HHS) picks up for a 1X

Knowing it can breeze around whatever the weather is former Breeze Scania E400 15504 (GN09 BCZ) on the 1

Also on the 1X is E200 36903 (GN13 HHU) a former Loop Bus

Scania MMC 15335 (YN67 YLH) rests before taking up a Wave 99

Seen on the Loop is branded E400 19653 (SP60 DPV)

From the same batch as 19653 is unbranded 19656 (SP60 DPZ) it's photographed having just finished a short working of the 51

Old and new: Wave 99 MMC 15332 (YN67 YLE) is photographed infront of old Wave 99 Scania 15772 (GN61 EVV)

Former Wave 99 Scania E400 15772 (GN61 EVV) is seen covered in muck on the 51

A dying breed in service in the South East is the original style E300 one of the endangered Buses is 27517 (GX06 DYW) picking up for a 1A
Temperatures will be starting to pick up which is something. 

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