Friday, 27 March 2020

Some very interesting workings from past few weeks

Bus spotting is impossible now with what has been going on recently and I haven't been able to see if there have been any odd workings in the local area as I haven't looked at the bus tracker for just over a week when there was a really interesting Loop working which was done by one of the Tridents. Here are a few interesting workings from the past few weeks all captured using my mobile phone starting with a recent to an interesting working from a few weeks ago.

Let's start with a Scania the 5/5A service uses a mixture of buses but one time in the past few weeks, there has been a Scania E400 on the normally Scania E300 working 15545 is seen working the route it had also worked the 99 the week before.

Here's 15545 on the Wave 99 a few weeks before

15545  GN59 EWU gets really adventurous on the 5A 
The Loop route normally uses E400s but ALX400 Trident 18160 was working the Anti-Clockwise of the route last week.
Trident 18160 GX54 DVA works the E400 operated Loop
 On a working normally done by an E200 sees E300 27579 work the 5A service last week so is classed an odd working.
E300 27579 works the 5A normally done by an E200
 Another interesting working on the Wave 99 early last week was Scania E400 15505 covering for 15329 on the route and 15328 was doing the other working covering 15330 I think here is 15505 picking up.
15505 GN09 BDE is seen working a Wave 99 service
 The 10 plate E200s hardly ever appear in the area but one did last week as demonstrated by 36123 GN10 JCZ.
White moustache E200 36123 works the 98
 Finally, another really rare working to note from a few weeks back was the use of a Wave Bus on the 5 Scania MMC 15329 does the honours.
15329 YN67 YLB works route 5

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