Monday, 2 March 2020

The sudden transfer of 15773

It's such a shame when Buses leave an area and transfer away for good leaving 3 others of the same batch behind. Well that was the case with Scania 15773 I first discovered about it when I came back from my mini  break and I feel sad that I wasn't able to get any recent photos of it in its final few weeks here which I should of. It left 15770, 15771 and 15772 behind all still doing the routes in the area.

What I've had to do is use some of the photos from last year of it as well as a few others which I have tried to get together to remember what was such a really good bus.
15773 is seen back in its Eastbourne days seen in Cornfield Road in Eastbourne Town Centre

15773 picks up in Gildredge Road with Scania MMC 15328 behind

15773 seen back in November or December 2019 the sun was a pain back then 

I sadly wasn't able to get any photos of it in its last weeks down here as back then, I didn't know it was leaving the fleet here is my final photo of 15773 on a 5A

Another photo of 15773 also from November 
It just shows how often the buses transfer away and I never was able to sample it when it did the 99 like I did with the others.

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