Monday, 24 February 2020

My Trip to Norfolk and Suffolk Part 4: Lowestoft

After 3 blog posts 2 in which were very long, I'm finally on my 4th and final post featuring buses on last weeks travels and I decided to end it with Lowestoft. This was my main base for the few days I was there but it wasn't my main location for photos though as I didn't take that many there. The Buses in this post were seen in the short window I was there before I went on my travels. 

The Buses:
E200 44532
E400 33820
Gemini 37154
Gemini 37563

I'm going to start with E200 44532 the last time I had seen this bus back in 2018, it was missing Lowestoft fleet names now it has them and is seen right by the entrance to the Bus Station on local route 101.
E200 44532 works the 101 service
 33820 was one of many buses which were new back in 2013 for the X1 service when it ran the full length long before the route was split at Norwich it still does the Eastern side of the route today and is seen departing the Bus Station on the X1.
Excel E400 33820 is seen departing on an X1 to Norwich
 I was unsure how my phone would have coped with photos of buses entering the Bus Station but turns out that it did really well Gemini 37154 is seen turning into the Bus Station and it has to be timed perfectly to avoid a disaster.
Volvo Gemini 37154 enters the Bus Station
 The X2/X22 has a few E400s on it now which were made redundant from the Western Side of the XL but when I was in the area, it was still mainly operated by Volvo B9TLs with Eclipse Gemini bodywork here is 37563 departing the Bus Station on an X22 to Norwich.
Volvo Gemini 37563 leaves with an X22 service to Norwich
I do hope I can visit the area again this year and stay longer this time round and snap more buses.

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