Friday, 14 February 2020

ADL MMCs on 99

In my previous post, I reported on the departure of 15331 and 15332 to East Kent. What I didn't report on was what could be filling in the gaps on the Wave 99 as the route will never be fully Scania MMC again. The answer would be anything but the most dominant bus type stepping in is the ADL MMCs. 

These buses offer the same luxuries like the remaining Scania MMCs they run alongside like high backed seats, free WiFi and USB charging points but what lets them down is that they're unreliable and unsuitable for the route. The replacements for 15331 and 15332 are ADL MMCs 10703 and 10704 so it's very likely they could be on the 99 quite a bit despite being unbranded. Another regular visitor to the route is Wave branded 10725 which has been doing the route quite a bit for the past few weeks.

10703 SN66 VVP is one of the replacements for 15331 and 15332 here it is working the Wave 99

10704 SN66 VVR picks up for a 99 service to Hastings

Could the 99 be this buses main route now? It seems like it is given how many appearances it's had on it recently 10725 SN66 VWR is seen on the route this is the Wave branded ADL MMC which does it the most
The good news is that the weather was in my favour today as when all the ADL MMCs came in, it was cloudy which meant the sun wouldn't have ruined the photos. I was also in a rush to get into position to photograph both of them but was able to get the shots in the end. Finally, it also took me under a week to photograph both 10703 and 10704 unlike 10725 which took me over 3 years to snap.

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