Saturday, 22 February 2020

My Trip to Norfolk and Suffolk Part 2 First Norwich

Welcome to part 2 of a review of my latest trip to Norfolk and Suffolk. This time, I found myself in Norwich with a wide selection of buses on offer ranging from First to other companies. This post features the First Bus fleet members I snapped with other companies to follow in the next post as there were far too many photos from that day.

Bus types featured: E400s, Scania E400 Cities, Presidents, Gemini 2s and Eclipse Singles  I will now caption the photos.

E400 33423 on the X1 minus tinted windows

Old Excel E400 33810 on the X1

33821 is seen not in service 
 My main aim was to snap the new buses on the XL routes which feature cameras instead of mirrors buses featured are 36903, 36908 and 36913 fleet numbers which feature on Stagecoach E200s. They are Scania N250UDs with E400 City bodies the 1st non gas Scanias with this combination.
E400 City Scania 36903 is seen out in front with 36913 behind it

Here is 36908 on the D

Here is 36913 also working the D

A Eclipse carries a wrap promoting mobile tickets

A standard Eclipse on the 41

Trident President 33163 is seen in the City Centre

Here is Orange Line branded 33150

Purple Line 33166 is seen with a Konect Bus MMC behind 

Volvo Gemini 2 36171 works the Turquoise Line

Unbranded 36202 works the Blue Line in place of a blue Gemini 
36265 carries Yellow Line branding here it is in the City Centre

36173 also works the Turquoise Line 

Unbranded 36270 is seen on the Yellow Line
Part 3 will be the next instalment of the posts after this one.

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