Sunday, 23 February 2020

My Trip to Norfolk and Suffolk: Part 3 other operators in Norwich

My previous post was showcasing First in Norwich this post is a post featuring some of the other companies in Norwich and there is quite a few different operators in the city itself ranging from independents to Go-Ahead and both of these are featured. There is a range of bus types featured and they are:
Border Bus
Konect Bus

I have a massive soft spot for Border Bus as I really like the combination of colours featured on the livery. The 2 buses in this post are an E200 and Scania Omnicity both working the 146 service.

Border Bus E200 104 BB62 BUS works the 146

Scania Omnicity 211 BB06 BUS is also seen on the 146 this was Stagecoach London 15126 LX59 CLV
 Konect Bus: Go-Ahead are the other big group in the area and operate a mixture of buses here is 2 of their E400s and E200 MMCs.
Konect Bus E400 601 is seen in the Bus Station 

A park and Ride E200 MMC works Park and Ride route 5

Another MMC on the 5

A Konect Bus E400 is seen working Park and Ride route 502
 Sanders and Simmonds: The orange Buses with Sanders and white buses with Simmonds can't be missed here are 2 examples of an Eclipse 2 and MCV.
An Eclipse 2 of Sanders is seen on the 43

An Simmonds MCV  Evolution on the 2
Final part of the post will be buses from where my base was.

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