Friday, 21 February 2020

My trip to Norfolk and Suffolk: Part 1 Great Yarmouth

I've been on my travels again whilst the rest of the family went to a boring shopping place, I decided to go to Great Yarmouth for some bus photography. I got a wide range of bus types on camera including Scania,Volvo and ADL. 

I got the X1 from Lowestoft and the bus that took me there was B7 Gemini 37043. It was my first time on this combination having gone on a B9 many times in the past!

Volvo Gemini 37043 took me there here it is at Market Gates Bus Station
 I also came for Border Bus route 580 and seen on the route was Scania Omnicity 208 BB58 BUS
Border Bus Scania 208 BB58 Bus on the 580
 Now for an Ex Green line Gemini and 37274 is seen in soggy conditions on an X1 service.
Gemini 37274 works the X1

Border Bus E200 BB11 BUS on the 580 after BB58 BUS
 Finally, the Excel got new buses which I will talk about even more in a future post the previous allocation of ADL E400s have moved onto other Excel Routes here is 33807 on the X1 a shorter route for them
E400 ADL 33807 on the X1 service

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