Monday, 30 July 2018

5/5A just over a year on with recent photos

I created a series of posts highlighting the 5/5A when it was created to replace part of the 51 and many other posts including its first half of the year. We already know that the routes has no set allocation and anything could be allocated to it in one day.

A week ago marked 1 year since both routes were introduced and I have only decided that now is the time to write a post. This post features some of my up to date photos which were taken only this month.

The Buses featured are: 
27576 - route 5A
28606 - route 5
36904 - route 5A
36906 - route 5A
19650 - route 5
15505 - route 5
27581 - route 5
27580 - route 5A

E300 27576 (GX58 GKG) works route 5A.

Scania E300 28606 (GN61 EVK) on route 5.

Scruffy E200 36904 (GN13 HHV) route 5A this Bus is in desperate need of a respray.

E200 36906 (GN13 HHX) on the 5A.

Loop off route E400 19650 (SP60 DTN) on route 5.

Scania 15505 (GN09 BDE) works route 5.

E300 27581 (GX58 GKO) works route 5. 

E300 27580 (GX58 GKN) works route 5A this working is normally allocated an E200 during the school holidays. 

I tried to make the 5 and 5A have equal photos so used 4 each for both routes.

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