Thursday, 5 July 2018

Odd workings from the past few weeks

If I was to summarise odd workings, I would say interesting depending on the Bus on it, something different to the normal allocation and worthy of a photograph depending on Bus bodywork. E200s on routes like the 54, 98 and Wave as well as Deckers on the 5 series are featured. The Deckers on the 5 series are workings which are meant to be Singles which has been quite regular lately. All Buses are captured in full sun because I pick the best time of day when it's sunny to take photos.

Seen on a Scania E300 working of route 54, is E200 36907 (GN13 HHY) the Bus was new to the Eastbourne Loop and was moved onto other services once the Loop converted to Doubles last summer.
Could this soon mean the end of Darts and E200s on this particular working? There has been a huge presence of Deckers on this working of route 5 recently 15545 (GN59 EWU) is seen on the route.

Seen on a normally Dart working of route 5A is Scania 15546 (GN59 EWV).

Unbranded ADL E400 19668 (SP60 DTO) is seen on the same working as what 15545 was.

E200 36507 (GN12 CMV) is seen on the 98 normally worked by a Dart the Bus was new to the Hastings Arrows however, a few have since lost branding like 36507.

Also new to the Hastings Arrows is 36490 (GN12 CKU) this was another to lose branding on repaint is seen on the Wave 99 maybe due to the lack of Scania MMCs? I think so!

 E400 19654 (SP60 DPX) is seen working an odd working of the 5A instead of the normal Single.

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