Friday, 30 January 2015

MEV Tridents with Stagecoach South East

MEVS I have a few things to say about MEV Tridents. For starters they keep breaking ending up VOR a huge amount of times VOR stands for vehicle off road this is when a bus gets broken and needs to be repaired. They are V reg ALX400s that have MEV at the end of their registrations, Stagecoach South East have 2 both allocated to Hastings and they have made some appearances on the 98 and 99. Differences between them is that one of them throws out black smoke when it pulls away it might not do so now the bus is 17106 ( V106 MEV ) however 17107 ( V107 MEV ) doesn't. My favouite MEV is V107 MEV. The photos i'm about to show you don't all belong to me I have had permission by the guys at SIHBEG to use them there are also some of mine as well.
V107 MEV on the 99

V107 MEV at Eastbourne after a journey on the 99 
The worst MEV Trident ever V106 MEV on the 99

V107 MEV at Hastings depot the same day V106 MEV was on the 99 
V106 MEV at Hastings depot this one breaks the most

V107 MEV arriving at Bus stop E on the 99

V107 MEV about to depart Eastbourne on the 99

V107 MEV loads at bus stop E
I would like to thank the guys at SIHBEG for their photos and I do hope that I will be able to put some more of your photos on my blog.

Monday, 26 January 2015

A little bit of London comes to Stagecoach South East

I was originally going to put this at the end of another post but I decided to do a separate post on them with thanks to all the guys at SIHBEG ( You will all be credited ) I can now bring you some photos of former London Tridents that were withdrawn from TFL work.The Buses are 9 ALX400 bodied Tridents that were with Stagecoach London before they are all 51/02/52 reg. The buses in the photos are awaiting repaint into Stagecoach colours and have been converted to single door layout before arriving. ( Don't know if the registrations are right but they are 51/02/52 reg )

LV52 HFP  still displaying London red

LV52 HFP with LX51 FOM awaiting repaint

LX51 FOM still displaying London features like destination screen

LX51 FOM near an unknown solo.
Some of the former London Tridents have already been repainted into Stagecoach colours and are converted already. It is possible that they might be appearing in Eastbourne soon replacing the Olympians don't know how sure I am on that.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Enviro300s branded and debranded

There are loads of Enviro300s down here in Eastbourne some are debranded while others retain their branding. The branding is UNO branding for services 1/1A When I was a lot younger the routes stopped at stops that are never used anymore because the route got changed. One of the photos shows one that was still branded at the time of photography but since I took that photo it has now been debranded. I have now got some more contributors that have kindly let me use their pictures for some of my posts.

Here are 2 photos of the branded ones that are lucky for now not to lose their branding at time of photography it is still probably branded now.
GN61 EVR leaving on the 1A 

Still branded photo by K789 DAO ( Harry H )
 Now onto one that at time of photography was still branded but has since been debranded it is of Enviro300 GX58 GKF that I have ridden on before on a Sunday when it was on the Loop these appear on the Loop on Sundays when the Enviro200s are working on other routes but some still do appear on the Loop on a Sunday.
Now debranded GX58 GKF in September/October  here it is still branded 
 Here are some more that have also been debranded along with GX58 GKF they now look plain and remind me of the 4 Enviro200s that are not branded these ones are on the 1/1A and one making a rare appearance on the 99, they are getting debranded in registration order the first to get debranded was GX58 GKA.
GX58 GKJ taken by Hastings Buses ( Alex )

Debranded GX58 GKD on the 99 a few weeks ago

GX58 GKD on the 1/1A back in December.
Thanks for reading sorry Harry P for not using your photos this time will use them in a later post and thanks to my new contributors your photos will feature in later posts.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Rare workings last Saturday and Sunday

Brighton and Hove:

Some Buses branded for a certain route appear on another route. Getting a photo of a Brighton and Hove Bus on the 13X is limited because during these months the 13X only runs on Sundays and Bank Holidays when it starts getting warmer from April until June it will run on Saturdays and Sundays June to September it runs every day Nice buses are used on it they are either Gemini 2s or Scania Omnicities Here are some images of an Gemini 2 on the 13X which I photographed yesterday.

Route 6 Gemini 2 spotted on the 13X
 As you can see the Gemini 2 was branded for Brighton and Hove route 6 between a Sainsburys up there and Brighton Train Station but yesterday it was not working its allocated route it came into Eastbourne on the 13X it came past where I was waiting to get a shot of it When it came back a short while later I managed to get into position to take some photos.
BJ11 XHC on the 13X
 I also took a video on my phone of it leaving Eastbourne at the traffic lights in the Town Centre the next few images are screen shots from a video to photo Converter on my laptop.
Converted to a photo from a video is a good looking Gemini 2

Another photo of BJ11 XHC

A rare working from Stagecoach now where an Enviro400 was seen on the 54 Eastbourne-Uckfield the bus is registered MX56 FRU and has a fleet number of 19049.
Enviro400 19049 MX56 FRU on the 54
 Something really rare now a Double Decker was on the 3/3A a route normally operated by Pointer Darts and other Single Decker Buses the Bus is ALX400 18174 GX54 DVT this is something that won't happen often so I had to get a photo.
Really rare ALX400 18174 GX54 DVT on the 3 
 Similar ALX400 18172 GX54 DVP was seen on the 99 a route normally operated by Wave branded Enviro400s that are getting debranded soon however ALX400s do appear on it sometimes.
18172 GX54 DVP after just arriving on the 99 from Hastings.
 Something a bit extra:

A rear view of 2 buses waiting to go sorry for pic quality on this one the Buses are Brighton and Hove Gemini 2 BJ11 XHC and Stagecoach Wave Enviro400 GN61 EWB.
Finally, my rear view of BJ11 XHC and GN61 EWB
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Wave 99 memories

I know that some of my readers don't know about the Wave 99 Eastbourne to Hastings it is run by Stagecoach South East but soon these buses will be debranded by losing their Wave livery for standard fleet colours I decided to do a post to remember them when they do eventually lose it.

Here are some of my images first up we have a rare working back in December of 15771 ( GN61 EVU ) which is allocated to Eastbourne depot the bus was on the 56 and I spotted it. Next up is GN61 EVV arriving at Bus stop E on the 99 looking a little a tiny bit dirty the bus I think arrived after it on the 99 a little bit later was 17107 V107 MEV.

Rare working 15771 GN61 EVU on the 56
15772 GN61 EVV on the 99
 My next photo shows 15776 GN61 EWA arriving at Eastbourne saying Sorry i'm not in service  it later went on to work the 99 shortly after GN61 EWD.
15776 GN61 EWA
 Now one of my first photos of a Wave 99 Enviro400 it is 15773 GN61 EWV photographed back in the Summer of 2013 nearing the end of its journey from Hastings.
One of my first wave photos 15773 GN61 EVW back in Summer 2013
 Here we have 15770 GN61 EVT overtaking a Brighton and Hove Scania Omnidekka on its way to its stop to start loading .
15770 GN61 EVT on the 99

15774 GN61 EVX back in October on the 99
 Another photo of 15774 GN61 EVX only showing the front it only started loading when I photographed it. Next up is 15772 GN61 EVV again loading infront of an ALX400 that was on the 51.
15572 GN61 EVV with ALX400 
 Finally, a rear view of 15770 GN61 EVT on the 99 it only dropped of its passengers when the photo was taken.
Finally a rear view of 15770 GN61 EVT
Thanks for reading these buses were new in 2011/2012 Their branding will be missed when they do lose it.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Some of the first buses I have photographed this year

2015 is going to be the year where I will try and get some more photos with my new phone. I decided to see the Buses in Eastbourne Town Centre where they all stop I even saw the oldest Enviro400 in the Eastbourne fleet 19019 MX06 XAU on the 51 today pic not up on this blog but might feature on one of my other posts though My first pictures of this year included Enviro400s,ALX400s and Pointer Darts.

One of my favourite photos has to be of Enviro400s MX56 FRU and GN09 BBF photographed one behind the other GN09 BBF of Stagecoach Hastings on the 99 and MX56 FRU of Stagecoach Eastbourne on the 54.

Two  Enviro400s behind each other 
 Another one of my other photos is of Trident ALX400 GX54 DVT on the 51 these 54 reg Tridents are found mostly on the 51 but can be found on other routes as well.
ALX400 GX54 DVT posing for the camera
 Another image shows a bus mainly found in the 51 appearing on the 54 that is really rare because hardly any of the nice buses are on the 54 but some nice buses do appear on it though.

Something really rare an Enviro400 on the 54
Here is a bus I have ridden on before Stagecoach Hastings 15488 GN09 BBF  she is looking really dirty for herself near the back but she still does look so good.
GN09 BBF looking really dirty towards the back
 Here is a rear view of MX56 FRU on the 54 this bus dosen't look that dirty.
Rear of Enviro400 MX56 FRU on the 54
 Finally, a Pointer Dart that is also looking sorry for itself and looking really dirty the route this bus was on is unknown it just appeared out of nowhere.
A rather dirty looking Pointer Drat that I have not seen before.
Thanks for reading.