Monday, 25 May 2015

Odd workings on Wave 99 part 2

This is Part 2 of my odd workings on the Wave 99 Post this post features the Double Deckers that have made odd workings on the Wave 99 recently yesterdays featured the Single Deckers link is on Twitter if you haven't read it yet. Vehicles are from Stagecoach Eastbourne, Stagecoach Hastings and a really odd working of a Folkestone Bus on the route a couple of weeks ago.

The photos I have got for you are not just my pictures there are some from my contributors in Hastings Harry P, Harry H and Alex F. The Buses feature Enviro400s ,Tridents and Olys all of which have made some odd appearances on the Wave 99. Not many Enviro400s in the photos the majority of the images are Tridents. 

Enviro400s: Both Enviro400 images are of 09 plate Enviro400s one in which is branded for the Wave 100/101/102 the other in standard livery.

A Folkestone Bus in Eastbourne Enviro400 15478 ( GN09 AZU ) loads for a trip on the 99.

Enviro400 15486 ( GN09 BAV ) arriving on the 99
 Tridents: A number of Tridents have appeared on the 99 including MEVS, Former London Tridents, 06 plate Tridents and Eastbournes 54 plate TransBus Tridents have appeared on it as well.
MEV 17107 ( V107 MEV ) arriving at Hastings on the Wave 99 

17107 ( V107 MEV ) arriving at Eastbourne

Former London Trident 17528 ( LX51 FOM ) on the 99

18173 ( GX54 DVR ) on the 99

18528 ( GX06 DYS ) on the 99

18528 GX06 DYS arriving at Hastings Station on the 99

GX06 DYU ( 18530 ) on the 99 I went on this on the 99 before and it gave a really good ride
 Olys: Volvo Olympians have been on the 99 before I saw one last weekend on it.
Oly 16373 ( N373 LPN ) on the 99
I hope you enjoyed this 2 part series and thank you for reading.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Odd Workings on Wave 99 Post Part 1

Every Bus enthusiast would love to see a rare working, This has been the most recent case with Stagecoach Eastbourne and Stagecoach Hastings Wave 99 service between Eastbourne and Hastings/Silverhill. I said Stagecoach Eastbourne because some of their Buses have been running alongside the Hastings Buses on the 99.

This post features the Single Deckers that have been on the 99 before there also has been a couple of Enviro300s do it as well before but the pic I took isn't a really good photo and I wish I could put it on this post.

My contibuters in Hastings the Sihbeg group have also provided me with pictures and i'm crediting them in this little section here.

Hastings Arrows Enviro200 36489 GN12 CKP on the 99 1st May 2015

Eastbourne have had Single Deckers on the 99 before here is Enviro200 36898 GN13 HHO at Hastings

MANS have also been on the 99 before here is 22057 KV53 FAA

Darts have also worked the 99 before 

Heading for Eastbourne is Enviro200 36899 GN13 HHP I was on this yesterday on the 1A and its wheel went onto the Roundabout

Another Arrows Enviro200 36495 GN12 CLJ infront of Enviro400 15778 GN61 EWC with  Chris Willis Driving hopefully spelt his name right
That's all for part 1 part 2 will come tomorrow and will feature the Double Deckers that have done odd workings on the Wave 99.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Tribute to 2 East Sussex Enviro400s

I wasn't going to do a post tonight because of my 2 Parter on tomorrow and Monday but I decided to. I was scrolling through my Hangouts and I saw something about 2 Sussex Enviro400s leaving tomorrow. They are 15502 ( GN09 BCX ) and 15702 ( GN60 FCY ). They are leaving for Folkestone who already have loads of Enviro400s. I would like to give them a big send off in this post and I will miss both so much.

The pictures I have off them are both Buses on the 99 from this year and last and I have put them together off the same bus.

I first saw GN60 FCY in April on the 99 when I attended the launch of the new Coaster Buses for Brighton and Hove it looked like a really nice Bus with different seats than most of the Enviro400s. The seats are found on Lowestoft and Yarmouth Based 58 plate Geminis. I was lucky enough to get photos of 15702 on its last day in Sussex Service.

I saw GN09 BCX last year a couple of times on the 99 it never appeared on it much.  

15702 GN60 FCY:
GN60 FCY on its last day in Sussex Service on the 99

A rear of GN60 FCY

A close up shot in April 

GN60 FCY infront of a MAN in April
15502  GN09 BCX:
GN09 BCX loading in September 2014

Another image of GN09 BCX on the 99

A far out shot of GN09 BCX
I know this a sad post but these Buses will be missed and tomorrow I will be posting my first part of odd workings on the Wave 99. I would like to wish 15502 and 15702 all the best in Folkestone.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Different Liveries Brighton and Hove

Loads of different liveries are worn by the buses of Brighton and Hove. I will try and name most of them worn by their Double Deckers they are the Standard livery, Route Branding Get On Go Somewhere, Coaster, WW1 one, the Pier Bus , overall advertising wraps and a couple advertising Brighton's Footy team.

First up the Standard livery
Standard livery on Omnicity 730 YP09 HWT
 Then Route branded buses
Branded for route 5 on Gemini 2 458 BK13 OAA
 Get On Go Somewhere ( Brighton Fringe )
Get On Go Somewhere Gemini 2 421 BJ11 XHX
 New Coaster Livery
Coaster branding on new Streetdeck BX15 ONM
 WW1 100 years
World War 1 on  Scania YN55 NFJ
Now onto some Stagecoach news:
1. Eastbourne's last Step Entrance Bus N370 withdrawn
2. V106 MEV getting towed away 
3. Former London Trident LX51 FOM enters service
4. Another Solo joins the Eastbourne fleet

Monday, 11 May 2015

A very detailed Gemini 2 with Brighton and Hove

A smaller post than usual this week ( but not that much smaller ) and it features one of the most detailed Buses ever with Brighton and Hove. The bus is a Gemini 2 registered BJ11 XHX and it carries a fleetnumber of 421. With Brighton and Hove all their buses have 3 digits in their fleet number.

I know some people won't like this bus but it is one of the most detailed Buses I have seen. The bus was done up for a festival called Brighton Fringe with Performances actually being on the bus itself. The photos I have got for you are of it a few weeks ago on the 13X. The bus has had a change in livery, new seat covers, really colourful lights inside and it has a silver looking destination board and on the top of the bus there is a little logo saying get busy. It also has under Brighton and Hove Get On Go Somewhere. 

Now onto the pics:

First Up BJ11 XHX is loading at bus stop J on the 13X.

Doesn't it look detailed BJ11 XHX loading
 The final photo is of BJ11 XHX departing after loading. 
Leaving Eastbourne 
The work on this bus took a really long time to complete from start to finish.

Monday, 4 May 2015

The very last Enviro300 to lose its UNO branding

The UNO branding in Eastbourne has become extinct with the very last branded Enviro300 getting  debranded a few weeks ago, the Enviro300 is 28610 ( GN61 EVR ).

I saw the bus just over a week ago without the branding which shows that it has now been debranded and it marked the end of the UNO branding.

The photos I have for you on this post are of 28610 before the debranding took place and after the debranding with 28610 being like all the other Enviro300s with the exception of 27582 and 28606 that have the additional white bit on the front.

The first photo is of 28610 in March this year still in the branding it is seen out of service near the Town Centre.
28610 in UNO branding March 2015
 The next couple are of 28610 recently without the branding the photos below show it working the 1 to Hailsham. 
28610 loading on the 1 

A rear of 28610 with similar white fronted  28606