Wednesday, 18 September 2019

New route numbers

A massive overhaul of timetables occurred earlier this month with routes being cut, others going completely and new routes have been created with various route extensions. The route extensions of the 5 and 5A happened replacing what was part of route 55 with a more frequent weekday service to areas that were served by the 55.  Another route created was the 6 which replaced route 56 retaining the 56s routing just under a different number. The 5/5A is mainly operated by E200s with a few E300s appearing as well also with a booked E400 working of the route.

Here are some 5As featured:

The first extended 5A I photographed was worked by E300 27578 here it is leading a group of E300s.

27578 is seen working a Beachlands bound 5A here it leads 2 Scania E300s
 The other 2 5As photographed were worked by Scania E300 28606 this is an allocated Scania E300 working.
Scania E300 28606 in a soggy Eastbourne working the Scania E300 working of route 5A

Meanwhile here is 28606 in drier conditions
I will continue to get photos of the route along with the 5 and the 6 so hopefully will be more photos soon.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Transfers and short lived transfers

Buses transfer in and out all the time sometimes within the South East or other group members and the past few weeks have been full of transfers. Buses have come in whilst others have left to go elsewhere it's all happening.

I've been busy capturing some of buses that have appeared in the area which have done before and have never been in the area here are the photos that I've managed to get.

Tridents were very short lived they didn't last long here is 17734 on the 5
 Stagecoach in Eastbourne have gained 2 more GX58 E300s taking the total of the type up to 8 the buses are 27577/9. These 2 buses were on loan back in February covering normal services whilst others were away doing rail replacement they have joined 27578 and 27573/4/5/6/82.
E300 27577 is seen working the 1 service this was the first time I've seen 27577 since February. 

E300 27579 is seen working the 51 here it is in Eastbourne town centre
A summary of transfers.