Friday, 27 February 2015

Get Well Soon 15780 GN61 EWE

There is some sad news in the bus world today it was confirmed by Harry Harrison of SIHBEG that my favourite Hastings Enviro400 15780 ( GN61 EWE ) is on long term VOR. I don't know how it became VOR. For it to be long term VOR the bus would have to have a huge number of things wrong with it will remain my phone lock screen for some time. I have decided to do a special post dedicated to it because I like this bus so much this is the only 61 plate Enviro400 that is not branded for the Wave 99.

Now onto the photos:

All these photos i'm about to show you are all of 15780 ( GN61 EWE ) that were photographed at Eastbourne on the 99 either it ended its journey on the 99 or that it was about to start its journey from Eastbourne to Hastings on the 99.
Currently my lock screen GN61 EWE on the 99

Dropping off passengers before starting its journey

GN61 EWE waits at Bus stop E 

Approaching bus stop E on the 99 to greet a huge amount of waiting passengers

Waiting and Empty with no driver at bus stop E

One of my older photos date of photography was some time in November 2014
I know I am sad at the moment but I hope this bus does get fixed because I will be very sad if it can't be fixed and that it will go for scrap I hope it doesn't. Get Well Soon GN61 EWE.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Rail Replacement last weekend part four

In the final section of this series I will be sharing some more photos from Rail Replacement last Sunday. I had to be very careful taking these photos because I didn't want them asking me if I was waiting for a certain bus on these duties well no one did. One thing that did annoy me was the person on the speakers saying about improvement works and when buses were replacing the trains and what station they were resuming at loads of times. Enough on that I have some really good bus photos to share from last weekend which I have selected for this final installment to this series. In the first image it shows a Seaford and District Trident Registered V310 KGW which appeared after the Brighton and Hove Gemini 2 which was on my last post.

Seaford and District Trident V310 KGW 
 Up next is an image of a Go Ahead London bus which was one of very few TFL companies that ran Rail Replacement the other being Metro Bus leaving the Station Harry P and Harry H two of my Contributors to my blog are in the image as well really close to the bus, the bus is registered SN60 BZM.
Loving the sun is this Go Ahead London Enviro400
 Next up is an image of a Gemini 2 with Go Ahead London waiting its turn to collect passengers it is seen in the Station I think most of the London Gemini 2s used were Hybrid Electrics.
Go Ahead London Gemini 2 waiting its turn
 Here we have a Convertible Open top Gemini which is an open top in the summer and a closed top in the winter I think it is wearing a special livery.
Gemini LF52 ZNR 
 Another type of bus used were these Optare Olympus bodied Alexander Dennis Tridents with Go Ahead London here one of them is seen departing whilst a couple of other London Buses were waiting their turn you can clearly see in the background the trains were all parked up whilst the buses took their place.
Go Ahead London Optare Olympus bodied Trident 2 just about to leave
 Finally 3 Southern Transit ALX400s all provided Rail Replacement all of them were former London Buses as shown with the centre doors and destination boards some of them are former Stagecoach London Buses because they have Stagecoach seats in them Y517 NHK is seen passing a coach picking up passengers.
Southern Transit  Y517 NHK waiting for passengers these are former London buses
I have enjoyed writing this 4 part series of this post and I hope you have enjoyed reading it I might start thinking what my next post is going to be about.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Rail Replacement last weekend part three

As many as you are all aware as explained in part 1 there was a Rail Replacement Bus service last weekend in the second to last part  I will be sharing some of the photos I took last Sunday in part 4 ( The final post of this 4 part Rail Replacement series I will be sharing the last of some of my best photos from Rail Replacement ) from that particular day. Stagecoach South didn't do it on the Sunday but the other companies that did it on Saturday all did it again last Sunday Companies in this post are Go Ahead London, Brighton and Hove and Southern Transit they and a couple of others did it on both days now onto the photos:

Front photo of Go Ahead London Enviro400 SN60 BZV

A Wright doing the Wright thing on Rail Replacement BK13 NZV ( Brighton and Hove )

A Hybrid electric Gemini 2 of Go Ahead London with a Southern Transit bus behind

Three Southern Transit buses queuing up waiting their turn

A far away shot of two Optares next to each other

A closer photo of the 2 09 reg Optares
In my last installment to these series of posts It will be featuring some more images including some Seaford and District Buses.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Rail Replacement last weekend part two

In part 2 of this post I will be showing more of my photos of Rail Replacement Buses from last Saturday part 3 and 4 will be on my photos from last Sunday in this post it will feature the companies I mentioned about in Part 1 and a few that I haven't already mentioned on these posts the reason for this was explained in part 1.

This post features: 

Southern Transit
Seaford and District
Brighton and Hove
Southdown PSV
Compass Bus 

Why is this a Southern Transit bus at bus stop M?

A good looking Volvo is this ALX400 X18 SEA 

Has to be one of the best Geminis ever is this Convertible Open top is LF52 ZNR with a closed top

Southdown PSV Enviro200 GX57 BXG

Brighton and Hove Gemini 2 and Compass bus Enviro200 meeting each other 

Looking good right next to a London bus is this Compass Enviro200
Hope you enjoyed this post part 3 will be published tomorrow and part 4 on Friday.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Rail Replacement last weekend part one

Last weekend due to engineering works and the closure of Hampden Park crossing Buses replaced Trains between Lewes to Eastbourne to Hastings and Eastbourne to Ore. I thought I would spend the afternoon at the station watching them I got on my 1A after 13:00 and it got me into town just before 13:45 when my bus arrived in town I went straight to the station A few Bus Companies did rail replacement even in the mix were a couple of TFL buses they ran services last Saturday and Sunday. In this post I will be showing some of my images from Saturday. Here are some companies featured in the photos down below.

Stagecoach South
MetroBus ( Both TFL and non TFL )
Southern Transit
Go Ahead London
Seaford and District

Looking good in Floral colours is Enviro400 GX11 AKN from Stagecoach South

Southern Transit ALX400 V301 KGW 

Enviro400 LX57 CJY from Go Ahead London

MetroBus Enviro200 YX63 ZXG

Scania Omnicity of MetroBus YT59 DYD

Seaford and District Trident V310 KGW
All these companies, Southdown PSV, Compass Bus and Brighton and Hove all did Rail Replacement last weekend in Part 2 I will be doing about these companies and a few more on the ones I have focused on in this post.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Brighton and Hove Demostrator

Just a small post on Brighton and Hove, Brighton and Hove have a Wright Streetdeck demonstrator it has a Gemini 3 body as clearly shown on the bus itself. It is registered SN64 CTU and has a fleet number of 8888. The colour of the bus is either Silver or Grey. I don't know how long they have it for because they have ordered about 24 of these buses all with the same body they will be the newest buses after the 63 plate Gemini 2s it is seen in the photos working on the 12A from Brighton to Eastbourne and these are my first pics of it.

Also in Brighton  and Hove news a few of their branded Gemini 2s were on rail replacement today and yesterday and some were on the 13X today with the Omnicities.

Thursday, 12 February 2015


This is a post dedicated to my favourite Stagecoach Classic Enviro400 19019 ( MX06 XAU ) it is special  because it is the only one of this type in Eastbourne that has Stagecoach in Eastbourne on the side of it the others of the same type 19048,19049,19053 just have Stagecoach on them. The only downside of this bus is the adverts on the side ( Most of the Double Decks down here have adverts on the side of them.)  which could ruin the paintwork apart from that it is a good bus. The routes I have seen MX06 XAU on are the 1,1A,51,56,99 the images I'm focusing on are of it on the 51 and 56 Here are some photos:

In my first image MX06 XAU is working on the 56 it is about to depart Eastbourne to go on the 56 hardly anyone got on.
19019 MX06 XAU  about to depart to start its journey on the 56
 The next image is of MX06 XAU doing a rare appearance on the 51 to Heathfield it would continue as a 251/252 at Heathfield.
MX06 XAU seen in earlier January on the 51
 Another image of MX06 XAU on the 56 at the time of photography it only just turned around to start its journey.
Limited stop not many people boarded 
 Finally,some more photos of MX06 XAU on the 51 taken by the kind guys I have been chatting to on Hangouts that are from Hastings what great photos guys.
MX06 XAU in January photo by SIHBEG

On the 51 again photo by SIHBEG
Just to mention this is a former Manchester Bus thanks for reading.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Guest Post - Hastings Special

Firstly, I would like to thank Harry H , Harry P and Alex F for letting me use their pictures for this post without you guys I wouldn't of been able to publish this post so thank you. I can now bring you a post on the Buses in Hastings. Hastings is east of Eastbourne along the coast with a few other towns in between. They have a larger fleet of Buses then Eastbourne do and they are run by Stagecoach South East the same as Eastbourne. Here are some photos:

In the first 2 photos it shows Trident Enviro400 19016  MX06 XAR on the 99 this is similar to 19019 MX06 XAU  which has also been on the 99 before.

19016 MX06 XAR

MX06 XAR on the 99
 The next couple of photos are of Hastings Arrow Enviro200s all in which have a 12 plate these buses will be debranded at some point like the Wave Enviro400s that will also get debranded.
Arrows Enviro200

Rear of GN12 CLV
 Now onto Enviro400s again this photo shows GN61 EVU on the 99 a couple of years ago it has also recently been on the 99 which was last weekend these will sadly be debranded as well.
GN61 EVU a couple of years ago
The next couple of photos show some more Hastings Arrows Enviro200s they are also 12 plates recently one of the guys I mentioned in my first sentence said that one of these has made a really rare appearance on the 99.
More Arrows 

Arrows Enviro200 on the 22A
 Back to Enviro400s GN09 BBE is photographed at what I think is Hastings rail station it is seen making a rare appearance on a route it is not meant to be on. I also have a photo of this bus somewhere which I also have seen when it once was on the 99.
GN09 BBE poses at Hastings Station
 One more Arrows photo eventhough I will never see these buses because I never go to Hastings however the livery looks really attractive I love the colours the livery is more creative than the purple on the Eastbourne Loop down here it looks like it has been nitted.
Another Arrows Enviro200
 The last photo is of 09 plate Enviro400 GN09 BBX working on the 100 a surprising fact is that when the 100 arrives at Lydd it turns into route 101 to Dover similar to route 51 which arrives at Heathfield and turns into the 251 or 252.
GN09 BBX on the Wave 100
Some Bonus news:

It is confirmed that 17528/9 ( LX51 FOM/N ) are expected at Eastbourne Thanks for reading.