Tuesday, 28 March 2017

More short term Bus stop movements

Before we go into this post Eastbourne lost E200 36899 in a Bus crash a week ago today. A Bus driver was injured and the Buses front was smashed up.
Now onto the main post:
Roadworks have led to Bus Stop closures all week causing the Buses to stop further down. The routes that have had to be moved down are the 51,55,56 and 99. The 54 also terminates there they will hopefully be back at their normal stops next week. It is really chaotic in the Town Centre at the moment.

Enviro400 19019 (MX06 XAU) gets ready to start a 55 journey after coming off the 51

After its appearance on the 1/1A last week, Scania 15770 (GN61 EVT) is seen on its normal route the 99 shame the blinds didn't come out

Scania 28607 (GN61 EVL) is seen at the temporary Bus stop on the 51 the blinds refused to come out again

The 54 has its terminus down here this week Scania 28610 (GN61 EVR) is seen after completing a 54

Blinds refused to come out again but here is Scania 28608 (GN61 EVM) on the 51

From one Euro 3 Enviro400 to another 19049 (MX56 FRU) is seen on the 56 only a few days after I was lucky enough to ride it on my local route
 Now for the chaos Scania 15777 (GN61 EWB) is seen waiting to start a 99. There is also a Solo, a few Enviro400s and an Enviro200 all queuing causing chaos.
When one Bus comes along loads of others come along as well Scania 15777 (GN61 EWB) before doing an 99 journey with a Solo, 2 Enviro400s and an Enviro200 all queuing
 Another Enviro400MMC to add to my MMC collection which is small at the moment is Wave 100/101/102 branded 10721 (SN66 VXL) seen on the Wave 99.
MMC 10721 (SN66 VXL) branded for the 100/101/102 on the 99 this is a rare working
 Back from the dead is unique Trident ALX400 17402 (Y103 GHC). It is unique because it is the only ALX400 with Stagecoach South East with a ZF gearbox. Orginally destined for London as a Y--NHK, it was diverted away from London to East Kent. It is London spec because of the lower rear window, the height and the blind. It is seen before starting a journey on the 99. The previous 99 was rare as well being an MMC so there was an MMC and an ALX400 on the 99 one after the other.

ALX400 17402 (Y103 GHC) seen on the Wave 99
This took some time to write but have finally written it.