Monday, 11 March 2019

Another new location for photos

It's always nice to change photo location when I can this is a bit further down than where I normally stand when I'm photographing in this area. This is a new place where I photograph Buses on the 1 and 1A it is also good most of the time when other traffic doesn't get in the way. I started using this location from the 25th of February and I've been very pleased with the results.

Buses featured are:

E300 27581 works the 1A in this location 

The next 1A 20 minutes after 27581 came Scania 28607

MMC Scania 15328 also works the 1A

Former Wave Bus 15771 works the 1 this was behind timetable

Scania 15773 also works the 1 

Still need to ride and film this Scania 15544 in that location

Still awaiting the paintshop is E300 27582 here it is on the 1

E300 27574 flys down the hill it was on the 1 but the blind didn't come out
I will hopefully be taking more photos in this location I just need to hope that the light is right.