Sunday, 31 May 2020

15329 from being a Wave bus into the new livery.

This is my first post in a few months and it's based around the one bus. In this case it's Scania MMC 15329 which was part of the Wave 99 fleet and carried branding now it wears the new Stagecoach local livery. This is mainly used to identify buses that normally do the small routes like town routes. But 15329 is more suitable for long routes though like the Wave 99. 

Here are a few photos of 15329 from my very first photo of it to my most recent of it in the new colours.

I'm going to start with 15329 in Wave branding and my first set show that.

My first photo of it in December 2017 when it was driver training

15329 looks a bit lost as it works the 1A

Off route again this time doing an outing on route 6

Here is 15329 doing its allocated Wave 99 route in Eastbourne Town Centre

Off route again work the 5 service back in March this was my last photo of it in branding
 The new colours as mentioned earlier 15329 now has the new local livery here are a few of it near my house.
15329 works local route 1A again in Hampden Park Eastbourne

15329 is seen from a distance also doing the 1A but this was done as a clip and got a photo from that
It would be interesting to see what the next bus will be though.