Saturday, 31 October 2015

Photos of the month October 2015

Continuing with my photos of the month that I started last month I decided to continue with it again this month. I have loads of photos of Buses that i'm impressed with I just had to select some of them as I would of been here forever writing this post. 

You can see some different companies in the pictures because last month was nothing but Stagecoach pictures and the Rail Replacement we had a few weeks ago has helped as well with this post as well as pictures of Compass Bus GX13 FSP in its South Downs National Park all over ad and Compass Bus GX13 FSN. Enough of the writing time to get onto the pictures.

The pictures:
Compass Bus GX13 FSP on the 125 showing off its South Downs National Park ad

Stagecoach Eastbourne 36903 ( GN13 HHU ) on the Loop 

Brighton & Hove 550 ( BF12 KXP ) on a Rail Replacement Bus Service

Seaford and District TA10 ( V310 KGW ) parked up near the back of Eastbourne Train Station

Stagecoach Hastings 15489 ( GN09 BBJ ) on the 98

Compass GX13 FSN parked near Eastbourne Town Centre 

Stagecoach Hastings 17107 ( V107 MEV ) just before it did a 98

Stagecoach Eastbourne 18530 ( GX06 DYU ) on the 51
I hope you like this post.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Rail Replacement special

You may remember that I published a 4 part Rail Replacement special in February. Today due to engineering works, Buses replaced trains between Eastbourne and Polegate they also replaced Trains from Eastbourne to Bexhill with a few services to Hampden Park not Eastbourne from Polegate. The photos I have for you on this blog post aren't as good as the ones I took in February but are something at least. They all show the role the Buses played during the course of the day. 

The companies that provided the Buses in Eastbourne in the pictures are all companies based in the South and South East of England also Brighton and Hove. For example Brighton & Hove who ruin their buses by putting some in advert wraps and other ones as well like the Seagulls and Get Bus ( y ) as well as other special advert Buses along with route branded ones and unbranded ones.

Enough off that now onto the pictures:
Brighton & Hove: 

Route 6 branded Volvo Gemini 2 483 BJ63 UJM 
 Seaford and District and Southern Transit:
Seaford and District Volvo ALX400 X19 SEA 

Seaford and District Volvo ALX400 X18 SEA and Southern Transit Y386 NHK 

Seaford and District Dart V14 SEA and Trident V310 KGW

Seaford and District Trident ALX400 V310 KGW

Volvo ALX400 X18 SEA Seaford and District 

Southern Transit Trident ALX400 Y386 NHK

Southern Transit Trident ALX400 Y517 NHK 
 Back to Brighton & Hove:
Brighton & Hove Gemini 2 Coach 550 BF12 KXP 
I would also like to say that the 2 Southern Transit Buses in the photos are Ex - Stagecoach. I hope you like this post.