Monday, 28 November 2016

A weekend of Rail Replacement

Due to Rail works over both days last weekend, Buses replaced Trains Eastbourne to Hastings on Saturday and Eastbourne to Polegate, Eastbourne to Hastings and a few shuttles between Polegate and Hampden Park and Hampden Park to Eastbourne on Sunday. There were a few Buses on it which once started life in London and have been sold to independent operators like Seaford and District and Southern Transit. It was from a Brighton&Hove 6 branded Gemini in the new branding to a MetroBus Enviro200 with a ZF gearbox.
Ex GAL B7TL Gemini WVL919 (SFZ 919) this was on standby at Eastbourne

Brighton&Hove B9TL Gemini 2 Coach 551 (BF12 KXT) parked at the back before working another Rail duty

Ex London meets another Ex London Seaford and District B7TL WVL919 and Southern Transit Trident TA406

Will this thing stop stalking me every time I see Rail Trident TA406 (Y517 NHK) is always on it
 We now go onto some shots of Southdown PSV brand new Scania N230UD/ADL Enviro400 501 (YN66 WUB). One of the last Scania Enviro400s built with the "Classic" Enviro400 body 
Southdown Scania 501 (YN66 WUB) after completing a Rail Replacement

501 resting after comlpleting a Rail Replacement
 Go - Ahead MetroBus also used some of their 15 reg ZF route 270 branded ADL Enviro200s on a shuttle between Polegate and Hampden Park 6781 (YY15 GDA) rests at Hampden Park before going back to Polegate. 
Go - Ahead Enviro200 6781 (YY15 GDA) on Rail Replacement
 We now move on to Go - Ahead Brighton&Hove as well as the Gemini 2 Coach and a Omnidekka, they also used a B9TL in the new route 6 branding pictured below is 402 (BJ11 XHB)
Go - Ahead B9TL/Gemini 2 402 (BJ11 XHB) showing off its new route 6 branding
 Time to conclude with old Southern Transit Trident TA1 (V301 KGW) waiting in line to work a Rail Replacement to Hastings.
Southern Transit Trident TA1 (V301 KGW)