Saturday, 25 November 2017

Buses in the seasons

One minute the weather is warm the next it's cold brrrrrr. But that doesn't stop the Buses coming out to do good service whatever the weather. I have a photo taken from each season. The Winter one I would class as a winter one due to the short days which the Bus was showing when photographed.
Here is a section of photos:
Spring is the season for Wave Scania 15771 as it picks up for a 56 the Bus has since lost branding

Summer is when full sun photos are a must here we have Scania 28606 before another 51 journey

Looks like Autumn will have to wait until last due to the change of photo. Now onto Winter Wave Scania 15775 picks up for a 99 service. The Bus is rumoured to be transferring to EE when the new Wave 99s enter service.

In my top 3 of Euro 4 ADL E300s we have my 3rd place 27571 (GX58 GKA) before working a 54. The Bus is good but it isn't as good as my top 2 27576 and 27574.
Who knows what my next post might be however, there might not be another 1 for sometime as i'm going to be going on about transfers and new arrivals entering service sometime before the New Year.

Friday, 17 November 2017

E300s on Loops and E200s on 1/1As

Allocations have been rather unusual this week down here in Sussex it has mainly occurred on local routes Loop and 1/1A. What we have here is the old Loop allocation on the 1/1A and the current 1/1A allocation on the Loop. I would count these as rare workings, however, they have appeared on the routes quite a bit this past week. 

The 1/1As which I captured as odd workings: 
Loops: 27576 

Ex Loop E200 36906 picks up for a 1 service

Ex Loop 36903 picks up for a 1 service
 There has been a large portion of E300s appearing on the Loop route recently some of which were the 58 plate ones! The E300s (ADL and Scania) that I've seen on it this week are: 28609, 27574, 28608, 28610, 28606, 27576, 27571 and 27572. There was a few other appearances of E300s on the route they might have been some of the ones I've already listed or ones I haven't listed. This was because some of the Loops normal allocation Doubles are absent so these have been covering for it this week there was some E200s covering for Doubles on it last week 

27576 picks up for a Loop