Thursday, 1 August 2019

A trip by Bus

On Monday this week I went on a bus trip this time I went to Brighton where I hadn't been for buses since 2016. There are 3 operators featured in this post they are: Brighton&Hove, Stagecoach South and MetroBus. Brighton&Hove are the most dominant operator in the city with the most routes. The bus I had for my journey in the morning was so busy it was packed but coming back, not as bad.

Here are my selection of bus photos from a really good day out:

Regency Volvo 423 is seen in the City Centre it was taken off after this photo was taken because of the many problems with the Regency Volvos.

Something more promising was Stagecoach South E300 27658 seen with a Coastliner behind.

E300 27667 is seen working the 17 route which can only use Single-Deckers because of a low bridge along the route.

Coastliner MMC 10968 is also seen these are no good for the 700 at all.

Working the 270 route was E200 6782 they have a ZF gearbox and are rubbish.

A Metrobus Scania is seen on the 273.

Rainbow Pride Bus 439 is also seen in the same place as the Regency Volvo. 

These Scanias are on borrowed time so I thought why not get a photo of one.

i360 Volvo 420 is also seen in the City Centre.

Regency Bus and Drusillas Bus in one featuring Volvo 426

Wasn't expecting to see one of these normally found on Worthings "The Pulse" route here is E300 27677 showing that route branding doesn't work and is seen on the 17.

A sight that won't be around for much longer as these Volvos will soon be displaced by brand new ADL hybrids.
I would love to visit the area again as I felt really happy with my photography.