Saturday, 29 December 2018

The 2018 Bus review some of the Buses which were highlights of 2018

It's hard trying to pick out some of the highlights of 2018 as the year draws to a close and we move into 2019. A story of different angle of photos, the Wave 99 MMCs first year in service, new operators I haven't photographed before, loan Tridents over the summer, the return of the StreetDeck demonstrator to Brighton&Hove, a new type of Bus photographed and the Santa Bus which ran a week before Christmas. 

January saw the entry into service of Scania N250UD Enviro400 MMCs on the Wave 99 between Eastbourne and Hastings here is 15333 photographed sometime this month.

January saw the entry into service of new E400 MMC Scanias on the 99 the recent shot of 15333 is an example.
 I went to East Anglia on 2 holidays this year to see family up there and my next highlight is of an independent operator in the county. What struck me was Border Bus with their neat livery as shown by 107 BB12 BUS.
A 146 Border Bus off route what caught my eye on holiday was Border Bus as shown by 107 BB12 BUS on the 580.
 The Summer of 2018 saw 2 Trident ALX400s come to Eastbourne on loan this one was here practically the whole summer the first time Eastbourne have operated the type in 2 years 17590 LV52 HFZ was on the when this photo was taken. 
Summer 2018 saw Trident ALX400s loaned from the East Kent area as shown by 17590 LV52 HFZ on the 1.
 I also tried a new angle for my photos the first time I had used it in Eastbourne and what better Bus to choose than Scania MMC 15329 YN67 YLA on the 1.
2018 saw me try a different style of photo which I hadn't used in Eastbourne before as shown by Scania MMC 15328 YN67 YLA on the 1.
 Another holiday came in August 2018 this was when I took my very first photo of a E200 MMC a new type for me as shown by 37441 SN16 ORZ in Devon.
A highlight of 2018 was my very first E200 MMC photo which I took on holiday in Devon in the Summer as shown by 37441 SN16 ORZ
 2018 saw StreetDeck demonstrator SN64 CTU return to Brighton&Hove this time numbered 703 it has seen high use on the Coaster between Eastbourne and Brighton. 
The return of StreetDeck SN64 CTU to Brighton&Hove for the third time happened in 2018 here it is on the 12A.
 Finally, the very popular Santa Bus returned a week before Christmas. This saw E300 27574 GX58 GKE decorated with Christmas decorations as well as a driver dressed as Santa. It ran between the 18th and 24th December all for charity. 
The Santa Bus made a comeback the week before Christmas all decorated to raise money for charity the 2018 Santa Bus was 27574 GX58 GKE a ADL E300 which was new in 2008/9.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Santa Buses since 2016

The annual Santa Bus has returned and the current one is the best one ever compared to previous Buses that have taken the title. This post shows every Bus which has been selected since 2016 all the way through to the current 2018 Bus. The chosen Bus is decorated with a wide range of decorations ranging from lights to toys hanging from the roof with the driver being dressed as Santa himself all in aid to raise money for charity. 

The Santa Bus back in 2016 was Scania E300 28609 GN61 EVP it had a special blind, tinsel inside, stickers and a few added extras. 
Back in 2016, the chosen Bus was Scania E300 28609 GN61 EVP
 The Santa Bus in 2017 was E200 36902 GN13 HHT this to had everything 28609 had as well as hanging toys, a giant teddy and Santa Bus on the front of it. 
The chosen Bus in 2017 was E200 36902 GN13 HHT.
 Now onto this years chosen Santa Bus this time it was E300 27574 GX58 GKE which was chosen to be decorated. This was by far the best Santa Bus to date with the same decorations as what 36902 did in 2017 as well as extras. The only thing it didn't have was the special Santa Bus blind it has been showing normal blinds. 
The current Santa Bus is E300 27574 GX58 GKE here it is working the 1X service.
I have been on every single Santa Bus since 2016 and they just get better and better.