Thursday, 30 May 2019

Rail in Eastbourne

When rail works happen the buses come out to play that was the case last Sunday there were no trains out of Eastbourne so the buses replaced them. This particular one was very dominant with Brighton and Hove with most of the buses used being theirs. 

Here is my selection of photos from the afternoon all were photographed by me.

Volvo 472 "The Snowman" seen at the station you can see a Southern Transit Trident lurking in the background

Route 6 branded Gemini 407 is seen with the Rocking Horse behind

Gemini 410 is seen with another Route 6 Gemini behind it

Former Brighton and Hove Scania Omnicity 717 now with Metrobus on their 400 is seen with 472 behind

The Rockinghorse bus this is Gemini 438 seen in the Station 

Please excuse my finger a Brighton and Hove Gemini leads a Scania
This is my first time at a rail in a while because of bullying so was nice to see different buses.