Saturday, 26 March 2016

Farewell to Eastbournes Ex London Tridents part two 17529


Continuing from my last post on 17528/9 having their roofs chopped off to become open tops it is not those W regs Ex Magic Bus Tridents replacing them instead it is Enviro400 bodied Scanias replacing them the W regs were only going to be a for a short period of time until the Scanias transfer over.
17528 (LX51 FOM) featured in Part one and in this post similar 17529 (LX51 FON) is going to be the star of this post. I haven't been on 17529 as much as 17528. 17529 is the one that sounded nicer out of the pair however, was a lot slower than 17528.
17529s rare workings:
17529 has appeared on the 1/1A and is seen in the photo below on the 1 on a wet 2nd January 2016.

17529 in the wet on the 1 on January 2nd this year
 Like 17528, 17529 has appeared on the normally Scania Enviro400 operated Wave 99 and is seen in the picture below on the 99.
17529 on the 99 last year
 17529 has also been on the 54 and is seen below on the 54 on its First day of service in April 2015 and a few months later.
17529s First day in service on the 54 in April 2015

17529 on the 54 a few months after the previous photo was taken
 There are also other routes 17529 has been on it has been on the Loop and the 55 as well.
Like 17528, 17529s main route was the 56 and the last few shots are of it on the 56 I will miss both of these Tridents and would like to wish them all the best with their new lives as open toppers. I will leave you with a few pictures of 17529 on the 56.
17529 on the 56 loading

Shame the blind isn't showing in this photo but 17529 is seen on the 56 in late December 2015

17529 on the 56 in January this year

Friday, 25 March 2016

Farewell to Eastbournes 2 former London Tridents Part one 17528

Good evening readers, welcome to another blog post. I found out this morning on a chat, that 17528/9 (LX51 FOM/N) are being replaced by older 17636/7 (W636/7 RND). These W regs are Ex Magic Bus and large numbers are being transferred to Stagecoach South East. It is understood that they will be converted to open top by having their roof chopped off and are getting repainted again.
I went on 17528 a lot more than 17529 by going on 17528 seven times and 17529 only twice. 17528 will be the main focus for this post 17529 will be in part two.
Before I go onto 17528s rare workings here is this shot of 17528 on one of the days I went on it is seen on the 56 with a Wave 99 Scania behind.
17528 LX51 FOM on the 56 with a Wave 99 Scania behind
Here are some of its rare and mis allocated workings:
The rarest working I have seen 17528 on is the normally Solo operated 3A it is seen in the photo on the 3A earlier this year this working was so rare because Doubles are hardly ever on the 3/3A so I was happy that I got a decent one of it on the 3A.

17528 loads before setting off to do the 3A
 17528 has also appeared on the Eastbourne Loop a few times which is normally operated by Enviro200s.
17528 loads on the Anti - Clockwise Eastbourne Loop

17528 loads on the Clockwise Eastbourne Loop earlier this week
 17528 has also appeared on the 99 a few times the 99 is normally worked by Wave branded Scania Enviro400s and here is 17528 having a day out on the 99.
17528 loads whilst working the Wave 99
 17528 has also appeared on the 1/1A which I haven't got a decent photo of.

17528s main route:
Both 17528/9 were allocated to the 56 a route that isn't even busy and should really have Solos and Darts on it instead.

17528 loads on the 56 in January this year

17528 on the 56 pushing infront of a Scania Enviro400 on the 99

17528 on the 56 in Summer 2015 when it had only been here for a few months.

17528 during a driver change before doing the 56
In part two I will be doing a farewell to 17529 and some of the workings it did whilst it was here.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

The latest Enviro400s in one branding and a one branded Enviro400 on the 99

Since my last post on the "One" branding currently being applied to ADL Enviro400s, I can now bring you an update on the branding and since my last post, 4 Enviro400s have recently received the branding, In order the most 4 recent ones were 19654 (SP60 DPX) which says "Looking for the one?", 19651 (SP60 DPO) saying "Hop on this one", 19656 (SP60 DPZ) saying "Catch this one into town" and the most recent Enviro400 to get branded 19649 (SP60 DTK) saying "Catch this one home." All off the Enviro400s in the photos are on their allocated route and not a different route like they have been appearing on sometimes despite them being route branded.
Looking for the one? 19654 (SP60 DPX) in one branding on the 1A

Catch this one home 19649 (SP60 DTK) showing off its new branding on the 1A again

19649 (SP60 DTK) on the 1A

Get this one into town is shown on 19656 (SP60 DPZ) seen on the 1

Hop on this one is shown on 19651 (SP60 DPO) also seen on the 1
 Like I mentioned earlier they have still been appearing on other routes. The second one to get branded for the one 19653 (SP60 DPV) is shown in the picture below on the 99. Well at least the 99 passengers got free Wi-Fi.
Is this the one you want? 19653 (SP60 DPV) on the 99 earlier this week
I will continue to bring updates on the branding with 19650 (SP60 DTN) in the process off getting repainted and branded now and 19662/8 (SP60 DRX, SP60 DTO) due to follow after.