Monday, 15 July 2019

A couple of weeks of odd workings

Route branding fails and buses appearing on routes they're not allocated to are classed as odd workings. There has been quite a few odd workings in the past couple of weeks including Hastings Arrows E200s appearing on the 98, E200s on the Wave 99, E300s on the Wave 99, Loop buses on the 1/1A and Scania E300s on the 1X. Here are some of my photos showing some of these odd workings occur.

The batch of 12 plate Hastings Arrows E200s are normally found on Hastings locals but come to Eastbourne on the 98 and sometimes the Wave 99 here we have 36489 working the 98.

I had to stand in between traffic cones for this shot of Hastings Arrows E200 36489 on the 98 
 The Wave 99 also runs between Eastbourne and Hastings but is a quicker route than the 98 using Scania MMCs. However, in the last couple of weeks, there has been some Single-Decker appearances on the route 36899 and 27572 are both seen on the route.
E200 36899 is seen working the Wave 99 which normally uses Scania MMCs

A week earlier, E300 27572 also made an appearance on the Wave 99
 The Eastbourne Loop E400s aren't good buses and the pink front doesn't hide their many problems there has been a few Loop Buses off route recently appearing on their former route the 1/1A here is 19651 on the 1.
Normally found on the Eastbourne Loop is E400 19651 here it is working the 1 its former route
 One final rare working was the appearance of Scania E300 28610 on the 1X which normally uses E200s I took a few photos of this and was able to get the blind showing on the last one I took.
A really rare working was Scania E300 28610 working the usually E200 operated 1X the route needs a bigger bus sometimes
Hopefully there will be many more odd workings to come.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

The return of one really good bus

This particular bus first visited the area back in February this year along with 27577 and 27579 when E300s were away on rail replacement. However, it's now back on its own the one and only 27578 this E300 has a modified livery on the back with more blue and no white line on the front it takes its looks from the departed 27581 and Scania 28609. It joins other GX58 E300s 27573. 27574, 27575, 27576 and 27582 taking the ADL E300 total up to 6.

I had so many memories on this bus it was the very first bus I filmed when I started doing onboard YouTube videos and have been able to ride it a few times since its return. Here are a few photos of 27578s first couple of weeks back in service in its hometown.

This was my very first photo of 27578 upon its return here it is departing.

27578 is seen infront of an E200 as it works the 1 service which it spends most of its time on.

Here is 27578 seen working the 1 service again in Eastbourne Town Centre.
There will be plenty more photos of this bus to come it's nice for 27578 to be back where it belongs after being on the move the past few years.