Saturday, 3 June 2017

Buses on holiday in May/June 2017

With lots of photos to upload and me not being bothered to do the post in a few parts due to the high quantity of photos I have decided to include all my best ones in this post. The last week of May and into early June was a photo frenzy with me going away and photographing Buses in the area I went to.
I went to:
Ipswich (for a show)
Great Yarmouth
36169 (BD11 CFO) seen on the Blue Line in Norwich
Gemini 37570 (AU58 ECT) departs the Bus Station on the X22

Recent additions to First Eastern Counties have been Enviro300s from the North 67752 (SN62 APF)

Another Gemini leaves the Bus Station

Our 99 down here is Double Deckers theirs is a mixture of Single and Double Deckers an Enviro200 is seen on the route

37568 (AU58 ECJ) is seen working the X22 this route is actually really scenic

An recent arrival to Lowestoft from Norwich is Enviro200 44517 (YX09 ACY) seen on the 101

Gemini 37562 (FJ08 FYN) departs on the X1

Enviro200 45116 (VT09 JPT) works a 105

Gemini 2s from Yorkshire include 36183 (BN12 JYF) is seen on the 1A

Whilst some of the batch left last year, others still remain like President 32206 (LT52 WTM)

Heritage Liveried ALX400 59 (32059 W219 XBD) is seen at journeys end on the 1A

First Ipswich were promoting their Park and Ride using ADL Enviro300s

The most prettiest Bus I have ever seen Enviro400 33423 (SN60 CAA) picks up at Great Yarmouth Station  for an X11

Gemini 37575 (AU58 ECZ) nears its terminus on the X22

One of the Yorkshire Geminis ended up on the X1

An ALX400 bodied Volvo arrives on a 99

Heritaged liveried 30888 (W743 DWX) appears on the X2

Gemini 37564 (AU58 ECC) on the X2

Enviro200 45117 (ST58 JPT) arrives on the 103

Gemini 37577 (AU58 EDF) arrives at the terminus of route X22

Posh X1 branded Enviro400 33819 (YX63 LKJ) is seen on the X1

Thought these were B7RLES to start of with but they are Volvo B7Ls one arrives on a 1A