Friday, 21 August 2020

ADL MMCs and the 99

 There has been a high volume of ADL MMCs on the 99 recently with most of the ADL MMCs in East Sussex appearing in the local area in one week. These buses are 66 plate and at least half of the daily 99s have been done by these recently. The Buses in this post are 10701/3/4/21/2/3/4/5 the first 3 buses mentioned in the list are unbranded whilst the rest are Wave branded.

Let's start with the unbranded MMCs 10701/3/4 the 3 of them all made appearances on the route this week as 10702 was absent the first 3 photos are the unbranded MMCs.

The first in the batch 10701 is the most recent MMC I've snapped on the route is seen on the 99 
10704 is seen looking good in full sun on a 99
10704 joined the East Sussex fleet the same time as 10703 did here is 10704 at the 99 stand this is my first full sun of this bus
A moving photo sees 10703 which was taken as part of clip zooming past stand C2 in the town centre

All of the Sussex Wave branded ADL MMCs appeared on the 99 this week. These buses were new to the 100 group of Wave routes but had their maps of of the route removed when the route was split so are just known as Waves.
The very last in the batch 10725 was a bus that was really hard to snap for a very long time but I have many photos of it now here it works the route.
10721 was another bus on the route this week here it picks up at its usual stand for a Wave 99 service
A really shy bus this is it has to be my least snapped MMC but it came for a visit on Tuesday this week and was able to snap it here is 10724 looking good in the sun.
10723 is also seen looking good in the full sun as it awaits its next trip
10722 is also seen in full sun with a ugly terminating Brighton bus behind another ADL MMC that has been on the route quite a bit recently.

The ADL MMCs are running alongside the Scania MMCs and various other buses on the route they seem to out number the Scania ones on it at the moment. However, the route is operated by ADL and Scania MMCs.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Buses in North Devon: Part 2 other buses

Welcome to Part 2 this time the post will feature other buses that were seen whilst I was away a few weeks back. The post features unbranded Scanias, Euro 3 E400s and a dumped Trident. I hope you enjoy the buses that are on show in the post. All of these buses like the Waves were photographed using a mobile phone camera so no proper camera was used. 
Seen with a really scruffy advert holder and missing some of the advert was Euro 3 E400 19094

Dumped Trident in bright yellow it's not often you see a bus doing nothing.

ADL E400 Euro 3 19107 brought back so many memories of when Eastbourne ran some older examples in the form of the 06 and 56 plates which I miss loads here it's seen in the bus station. It was nice to see some Euro 3 E400s after almost 3 years.
Scania 15669 WA10 GHN is seen showing a Face mask blind in the Bus Station.
Unbranded Scania 15795 is seen laying over after coming in on a 155 and it was possible to do a nearside because of how it was parked.
Another early E400 this time 19109 MX07 HMG it's also seen in the Bus Station.
Finally a Scania from the same batch as 15795 is 15793 here it's also seen like 15795 having completed a 155 service.
I hope you enjoyed my posts of these lovely buses and overall, the area is pretty good for photos in particular the Bus Station where buses were so frequent coming in.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Buses in North Devon Part 1: North Devon Waves

I haven't been blogging for a few months now so have decided to blog after I went away the other week. I visited a place in Devon that I hadn't visited before and I was up in North Devon. I will be writing about the buses I had seen there in 2 parts the 1st part is all about the North Devon Wave with Scanias in a blue based livery. Part 2 will have other buses that I saw there, ranging from unbranded Scanias, ADL E400s and a Trident I had found on the site.

The North Devon Wave runs between Westward Ho! and Ilfracombe it uses mainly Scania E400s that have names on them and the blue based version of Beachball with other branding as well. Here are a selection of the Scania E400s that mainly do it. I wanted to make sure I had the chance to photograph them and a selection are shown here.

15884 WA13 GCY 'Amy Grace is seen showing a mask blind whilst in the bus station

15886 WA13 GDE 'Chloe' is seen in nearside form

15887 WA13 GDF 'Poppy' is also seen in the bus station

Another shot of 15886 seen with an ADL E400 behind showing the different combinations of ADL and Scania E400s.
15891 WA13 GDU 'Adam Luke' is also seen in the bus station this was the only Scania of the selection that the screen failed to show.

Finally we have 15890 'Isabelle Skye with unbranded Scania 15793 just behind that's one branded and one unbranded in one photo.