Saturday, 6 October 2018

The challenge now facing me

I have now lost another photography spot this time thanks to wire fences making it more of a challenge to take photos. The only for me now to take photos from there is standing in the road but that is very dangerous I don't know how to take photos with it there. I will have to find an alternative spot again which there hardly is in the town centre. 

The buses in these photos were all taken before the wired fencing was put on the other side which back then was easier for photos. 

28606 is seen working the 1

27576 also looks good in the sun!

15328 working the 1 which is what appears to be its main route as it's always on there.

This was taken on the day when the wired fences were being delivered 15490 is seen at a stop the Bus has had a fresh repaint and now has its second tree guard.

28607 is seen in the town centre this was on the 1 and the blinds refused to come out.
Wish me luck in finding another spot.