Friday, 21 April 2017

The end of 125s under Compass

The 125 a route which sees poor usage numbers. This week was the last week of Compass Bus running the 125 which changes operator next week. I have gathered a few of my photos taken over the past 5/6 months of some of the normal allocation on it of Mini Enviro200s. They have run it to Eastbourne since 2015 replacing the Eastbourne part of the 126.

GX62 CSF pulls away from the Bus stop in February this year on the 125 you can see it is empty

After ages and ages wanting to get a photo of this SN16 OGS made an appearance on the 125 last Wednesday I was in a rush to get this photo

Thought I would share this as only for the purpose of the blind not being changed GX13 FSP is seen picking up

The right destination on this photo of GX13 FSP the driver had changed the blind

GX13 FSN picks up in Autumn 2016 for a 125 to Lewes

My final 125 photo sees GX13 FSL coming off the roundabout in Eastbourne Town Centre a few days ago

GX13 FSO leaves after picking up passengers very empty

GX13 FSU a few weeks back in a similar position to where I photographed SN16 OGS and GX13 FSL